Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sept/Oct pics

Teague and Ave are best friends 90% of the time. Teague just find everything she does pretty hilarious!
I had 48 Roma tomatoes from my garden so far this year. I couldn't believe it. I've made tomato sauce twice and salsa once. I still have about ten more!
Another warm day, so swimsuits were on! Teague's face kills me in this picture!
Homemade tomato sauce tastes delicious!
Just relaxing with Dad. Teague loves staying up with us. He knows he's got it good.
A fun rainy day with fun rain boots!
Happy 35th Birthday to Kyle on September 16th! These candles add up to 35 I promise!
Kyle was pretty happy with his 3 kids loving on him and 4 different dessert options!
Ave had Korin's party the other day too. She made this card for her. Apparently they have nicknames for each other. Korin is Timmy and Ave is Fred. Not sure who Bob and Jim are.
Teague came to the Homecoming Pep Assembly with me. He liked the balloons a lot.
His favorite part is riding the float. He hammed it up and waved at everyone.
That night at the Homecoming football game, my brother was honored. They raised this flag for him. It was really nice.
It had been gloomy and all of a sudden the sun came out. Sometimes I just know Kyle is still around. I got in the truck the other day and the first two songs that came on were America "You Can Do Magic" and then Squeeze "Tempted by the fruit of Another". They are both on the CD called "Songs that remind me of Kyle" that I gave him for his Senior Night in basketball.
My Mom has been so awesome about reading with Carter. She's ordered a bunch of Avenger chapter books that they take turns reading together. I love seeing them all interested!
Teague is in need of a haircut I think!
We had a bunch of people over and ordered from El Taco. Mom couldn't believe it when they gave her two boxes of food!
Teague on his way to his first day back at Preschool/Daycare. So far he's enjoyed it! He sat by his buddy Brooklyn, colored and traced a planet with a purple crayon, and played outside at the big playground.
Some drag queens organized a benefit for my brother and Casey. I have no idea how any of this got started, but it was incredibly thoughtful. Very different but very fun! I took one of these little posters. People in Butte are truly amazing.
It was absolutely packed!
Some of my friends who went with me: Lori, Ritter, and Rachel. The Thatchers were all there, a bunch of the teachers from Emerson, and Terri and Abbey. It was a blast! Thank goodness I have wonderful friends and family.

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