Sunday, October 4, 2015

More August/Sept pics

We had a lazy weekend, and Kyle was craving monster cookies. We had a lovely day of eating these delicious things and watching classic Disney movies.
One picture from after Kyle's service. Some of our buddies Baylee Thatcher, Hattie Thatcher, Alex Thatcher, and Jessie Buckley. They are wonderful people.
This has to be one of the cutest babies in the world!
Carter doesn't realize that a back massage is supposed to feel good! Joe was being super nice and said Carter looked like he needed a back massage. Carter looked like it was torture for awhile, then he couldn't stop laughing.
Laney always knows when someone is sad. She curled right up to her buddy Carter. There is our best pal Callie in the background. She is practically perfect in every way, just like Mary Poppins.
Linky was beyond entertaining for everyone at Mom and Dad's house. I am glad I get to see him in a few weeks.
We went out to Ritter's house when my friend Michelle was in town. Time for a kids picture! From l-r: Carter, Mason, Kolt, Madelyn, Avery, Madisyn, Myla, Jada, and Teague.
The pyramid was looking good. Mike held up Myla in the background!
Michelle's baby shower was the next day. All the boys played with Michelle's nephew's Nerf guns.
These two had fun pouring water on each other!
The boys had a baby bottle chugging contest!
Michelle and some presents!
Kolt is 10 months younger than Teague, but he's tall! His Dad is 6'5". They liked being eye to eye.
Avery and Maddie are very much alike.
The 3 eight year olds!
The six year olds!
This group is more diverse! Teague is 4, Kolt is 3, Myla will be 2 in a couple weeks. She didn't want to be in the picture!
Time to pile on Grandma!
While I had volleyball tryouts, Abb and Jord took my kids and met Terri, Jamie, and Nicole and their kids at Fairmont for some fun. Thanks guys!
Teague is just a goofball. He had to "charge" this orange before he ate it!
We had a Mom/Teague day at Clark's Park when it was beautiful out.
He collected many sticks for his collection luckily.
This game in the mail the second week of school. So cute!

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