Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fall Fun

We have 2 weeks of pictures here. We have had some beautiful weather. I let Ave and Teague play at C Street park for an hour before we had to pick up Carter from school. She is a monkey!
She is a lot like me sometimes. She falls asleep all the time with books in her hands. You can see the flashlight in her hand too.
Last weekend we hit Silver Bow for Connor and Austin's birthday party. We haven't been there in awhile, and we had a lot of fun!
Connor makes me laugh. I like his hair decoration!
It's hard to believe they are 12 and 10 already!
The carousel is free now, and these two took advantage of it many many times. Ave looked gorgeous in her pink dress that Grandma Burgman got her at Target.
Carter picked out this giant comb for a prize. He does really like to have good hair!
Teague and Liam always have a good time together!
I like this picture, even though Teague was being a booger. 4 buddies curled up on the love seat, or love couch as Jord used to say!
Teague had a good time walking a newly trimmed Laney to Emerson.
I love this tree on the side of Mom and Dad's house. It has beautiful leaves!
Teague, Ave, Laney, and I took a lovely walk on the trail on Friday. It was absolutely perfect!
Hanging out with some nice backdrops.
We always like this growing sideways tree. It's huge!
I have to lift Teague up because it's pretty high. I made sure he had something behind him to lean against. I trust Ave. She's ridiculously coordinated.
The beavers made a dam!
Time to feed the ducks. Teague was really winding up to throw them some food! This picture turned out very pretty.
Avery had a really good time throwing leaves up in the air!
We were back at Silver Bow this Saturday. This time it was Liam's 4th Birthday! He was super cute and loved absolutely everything he got.
Two goofballs enjoying some cake.
After the party a couple of Carter's buddies stopped by for a water gun fight. It was 75 degrees if you can believe that. Ave was right there in the middle of things. We had Grandma and Grandpa Barsness in for a visit too. They got to see Tech win easily, they spoiled their Grandkids at Walmart, they got to hear all about dance, school, Minecraft, etc...and we had some delicious food. Thank you!
Sunday was Pumpkin Day at the Grant Kohrs Ranch in Deer Lodge. We always have fun there! This year was even better since Callie drove over from Missoula to join us!
We actually got there on time, and the kids inspected every pumpkin to find their perfect one. You can see Ave running about.
Grandma and Kyle helped Teague. His needs were very specific.
He didn't even end up with this one, but he liked how round it was.
Ave wanted a tall one. She and Callie were comparing many of them.
Carter wanted a cool stem. Grandma spotted this one towards the end of the field. It has an awesome stem!
Dad and his pumpkin hunters.
3 kids with their perfect pumpkins.
Probably our best family photo in a long time! Thanks Callie!
We had to take a picture by this giant pile of hay. Teague needed a little help balancing!
Waiting for the hayride. Carter got Teague to smile by pointing to his butt. They are such boys.
Hayride selfie. I despise that word, but it is what it is. My Carterman is such a good boy.
Some of the other hayriders!
Time for the little maze. It's nothing fancy, but it's perfect for little kids. Avery helped Teague through.
Carter was planning his route carefully.
They made it! High fives for Callie!
Carter found his buddy Colby. They watched the little kids for awhile.
Hay maze buddies!
Teague really liked making apple cider. He liked drinking it even more. He had four cups!
Ave got her muscles into it. Carter was off playing some games I think. He's not an apple fan.
They had some cool carriages to sit in.
Time to roast some marshmallows. It was supposed to rain and ended up being really warm! Ave's face was hot here.
They had a few different craft stations. Teague and Ave liked the glitter, feathers, and eyeballs. Carter wanted his pumpkin plain. He and Grandma went on another hayride.
Now it's time to paint!
They wanted their pumpkins to have two faces.
Teague painted right over the eyeballs!
Possibly my favorite picture of the day. Kyle is always happy to take a picture with his cousin!
Ave painted this one with "big lips and fangs." Pretty accurate description I think!
Teague just used 15 layers and made sure to paint the stem. It was lovely, but Kyle didn't enjoy carrying it!
We pet a nice horse named Barb on our way out. Callie especially loved her.
Good old Deer Lodge! It was very nice there and very decorated. Carter really liked this Draft Horse statue.
We made a stop at A&W before we went home. Teague had a little ice cream and was crazy. He was dancing next to Callie and telling her secrets.
We had a great time! Thanks for meeting us Callie!

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