Sunday, October 4, 2015

August pictures

This was from the Relay for Life. It was kind of an overcast day but not awful. We had a good time there.
The kids liked that it was at Father Sheehan Park. They played and played!
Afterwards they played some 3 on 1 against my brother. Kyle won obviously!
Time to use Teague to block shots
This really makes me laugh. It's a good last memory of him.
August 9th was a gorgeous day!
Time to play in the sprinkler.
I always get the best action shots of Ave!
Papa was barbequing with his assistants.
Then we walked home, and then came the worst night of our lives. It's just true.
Terri Jo was in for a week with her husband and Drea. She made us laugh and laugh. She's just cute. We had to get a picture of the only girl cousins so far!
Hawkins and Laney both wanted a bite of Kyle's dinner. Hawkins is very mobile!
Erica calls him King Kong. I was calling him Destructor! He makes me laugh. He just dives at things, like the IPad here!
How cute!
First day of school clothes! Ave wore her cute new wiener dog shirt that my Mom got her at Target with some 4T capri pants that still fit!
My big 3rd grader goes all the way until 3 o'clock now. Luckily he seems to be just fine and loves his teacher.
They are pretty cute.
Another one
Now we are ready!
Ave and her best friend Korin in line together. They are in Mrs. Laramie's class together, sit next to each other, and still have a playdate after school once a week!
Grandma ordered another funny book about the talking Crayons. It's hilarious. I love when they all cuddle up with her.
2nd day of school. Carter's sweatshirt was pretty awesome.
It's practice time for volleyball again. Carter likes to bring Nerf guns and shoot the girls that miss their serves!
Our first game was in Billings at Skyview. The coach, Vicki, is a wonderful lady. She had these printed out for both teams and all the coaches to wear.
My buddies in our stickers.
The team wore them proudly. Very sweet.
Lastly a passed out Teagie Pie. He still needs a nap every once in awhile, and he can fall asleep in any position.

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