Sunday, November 22, 2015

First Griz game fun!

First of all, Happy Birthday to the Vetter boys! Hawkins turned 1 on the 17th and Landon turned 9 on the 21st! We hope they had wonderful days!
Here is a little Teagie Pie passed out on Grandma. She was reading to him, and he just couldn't keep his eyes open. I like how his belly is hanging out too.
We got some snow a couple weeks ago! The kids loved it. I can handle the snow. I barely have any pictures from this week because we had arctic freezing wind. It was terrible!
Ave and I made a lovely snowman together.
Papa's alien mask scares Teague. It's even scarier if he wears night vision goggles underneath it! Ave loves aliens though. They are pals.
Ave wanted to say hi to Lincoln. This is the picture she had me send to him!
Callie got us some sweet tickets for the Griz game last Saturday. We had a blast visiting her, and the Griz killed Eastern Washington. It was a lot of fun to watch! These two are always buddies.
After Teague had some nachos, he started to perk up. Here's the start of a little dancing.
Oh yeah! He's raising the roof!
Carter and Kyle enjoyed some caramel corn together. Carter really loved watching the game. He had a great view of the action. Thanks again Callie!
Carter loves to sleep in Callie's overstuffed chair. Lane loves to cuddle with him.
This is a tired, contortionist girl on the way home. Going to a Griz game, Target, Coldstone, McDonalds, Kohl's, and the most delicious noodle place will do that! We hadn't been to Missoula a long time. It was fun!
The Emerson PTO asked if I would order bags and balls for Emerson since I know about sports. I borrowed an electric pump from Butte High, and this is what my living room looked like on Sunday night! It will be great for the teams.
Teague likes to write his thoughts down before he goes to sleep. Apparently he is thinking about poop. Imagine that!
Callie came over this weekend. We were going to go to the Tech game, but it was a high of 9 degrees. We just hung out and laughed. We did go for a nice walk on the trail today though. Teague had fun watching the ducks slide on the ice to get some bread.
All the ducks were swimming in that one little spot. Poor things.
We fattened them up though! I hope it stays this nice tomorrow. Everyone travel safe for Thanksgiving!

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