Sunday, November 8, 2015

Jordan's Birthday and Snow

My little buddy Jordan turned 17! I can't believe that. I was trying to find some good pictures to put up of her on Facebook. I like this one of us singing some karaoke!
I love this one also! Her year of figure skating!
We had her birthday dinner tonight when Terri was off. We had cake for her on the 2nd though. Carter, Avery, and Teague always like to sing "Happy Birthday!"
One with the lights on! Teague had a weird rash last week, luckily it's gone now. He looks quite rosy here. They all love Jordo.
Avery looks like one of the kids from Lord of the Flies! She was having a good time in the tub though. 
Carterman just loves his puppy dog. She has been quite snuggly with him lately.
We went right from fall to winter after Halloween. This is what we woke up to on Tuesday morning. 6 inches of heavy, wet snow!
Carter was pretty happy about it. He loves to play outside in the snow. He's definitely more of a winter kid than a summer kid.
By the next day, the snow was a little melty and perfect for making a snowman.
This Tonka truck Mom and Dad got Carter for his first birthday has held up well!
We went on a little adventure walk. We all had a good time on the snowy trail with sunshine on our heads.
Carter couldn't put his hat all the way would mess up his hair!
Teague found a stick and a chunk of ice, what could be better?
Ave and Teague brought over a bunch of stuffed animals to play school on Saturday. Laney apparently wanted to join the class as well.
Bumble was the math teacher!
Ave had each animal do some art. She's just a slightly better than Clara Hartz was...right Kelsie?
Abbey and her boyfriend bought a puppy together. It is super cute. It's an Australian Shepherd/Terrier/Pit cross. They need to think of a name for it, but it's really sweet and playful. Carter loved it.

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