Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween and visits

These two are best friends 60% of the time. Teague just finds her hilarious. I love just listening to him giggle at whatever she is doing.
The old scary mask finally bit the dust. Luckily Papa ordered this new alien gray mask. The craftsmanship is quite impressive really! Teague screamed when he saw it, so it worked!
Erica, Kelsie, and their kids were able to come in for three days because they had MEA weekend. Sean and Joe both had to work. We had lots of fun sitting around and visiting. Lincoln was thrilled to see Laney. He is an animal lover.
Hawkins is a little goofball and such a good baby. I think he knew he was being pretty funny here.
Grandma bought this beautiful headband for Avery, but everyone tried it on. Hawkins "made it work" as Tim Gunn would say.
Teague wore a jacket very similar to mine for our last home game. I told him that meant he could coach with me. We got a picture together afterwards at Silver Bow.
Jordan carried Mr. Hawkins all over Silver Bow. In turn, he gave her some nice loves. They are buddies.
Carter wanted to hold him too. Hawkins thought Carter's nose was quite interesting. He got a good grip on it right after this picture was taken!
They brought their costumes so we could get a picture all together. Hawkins passed out though, and this lighting was awful. Fail! The kids look cute though! We have Buzz Lightyear, AntMan, Hawkeye, Hero Brian from Minecraft, and Maleficent.
Our brother always wanted a Headframe tattoo. Now we have one for him with his signature from his driver's license down the side. I am not a big tattoo person, but this really means something. I love looking at it, even when I get a little sad.
Goodbye for now our North Dakota family. We miss you already!
On Sunday we made it out to Brooklyn Zahler's 5th Birthday party. She's a cutie. All the kids had a blast. Even Avery who threw up twice while we were out there. We had a weird stomach bug go through the house that day.
School pictures this year! I will try to disperse them to everyone. I love them all, even Carter's half smile. We have some cute kids!
Avers passed out under her One Direction book. She is so my daughter.
Halloween! We found some Maleficent horns down at Hastings, Abb brought some lipstick, and I made her staff longer with some black duct tape. She looked amazing! She loved it too. She just said Maleficent doesn't smile very much!
Hawkeye was looking good. He was happy he could wear sunglasses to school!
I love it. They are both so in character!
Had to get a photo outside too. The wind was chilly, but it could have been a lot worse.
AntMan was in the process of shrinking here. He is so silly!
Teagie at his parade. He loved waving to me, Kyle, Grandma, and Auntie Terri.
He and his buddy Brooklyn
Waiting for Carter and Avery's parade to start. Callie made it over too! We were glad she got to hang out with us for the holiday.
Avery and her buddy Korin coming around the block.
Carter and his friend Will. He looks so happy to see us!
He's a good boy. He's not too cool for us yet luckily.
One more from a different view.
You could sign them out of school right after the parade, so we got a nice smiling picture in the classroom. Korin's family actually found us on Halloween, and we trick-or-treated together. They always have a blast together!
Action photo in front of the tree in Grandma and Papa's yard.
My new favorite picture. 3 wonderful and big smiles! I had to leave for Billings right after this, and Kyle had to go back to work. Thankfully Grandma, Callie, and Terri carted these guys around. They are some lucky kids! Thanks everybody!
We went down to the Stodden's house for their annual Halloween hay ride party. Avery found her friend Paige there. They are cute!
Some of the 3rd graders on the hay ride: Carter, Nathan, Piper, and Sam. They are all good kids.
Kyle and his buddy AntMan enjoyed the ride too.
They are back! We always have fun down there.
Time to start trick or treating. The wind died down a bit, and we were out for an hour and a half!
The sky was pretty cool looking actually!
Some people's houses were really decorated!
Teague thought this one was pretty spooky!
They had so much candy by the end of the night that we had to carry their bags!
We love this inflatable black cat decoration. I know you can't really tell, but its tail goes up as high as a house!
Finally a picture of Callie. After eating way too much Buffalo Wild Wings and candy the day before, we needed a walk. Avery came with us of course. She loves walking. They are cute together, and I love this picture. Thanks again Cal! Hope everyone enjoyed Halloween!

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