Sunday, August 12, 2007


Erica and Landon went back to Alaska on Saturday for her last year of school. We are really going to miss them a ton - it was a great summer! I know Erica's camera was broken, so I figured I better put up some Landon pictures for the family to see.

Landon really enjoyed this swing this last week. He laughed everytime he swung over to someone!
Here's Lando and his mom chillin' next to the tree. They look so much alike.
Landon loved hangin out on the sidewalk and grabbing everything he could: sticks, ants, grass, whatever. Erica kept having to stop him from putting stuff in his mouth.
These soccer balls were a big hit. Thanks Arctic Circle happy meals!
Here's a laughing guy in his pajamas. He has some ticklish thighs!
Landon and his wonderful Grandpa with a favorite toy, the remote. They were best buds this summer.
This was after a shower. His hair actually stayed sort of flat, and it made him look so different. We miss you guys already!

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