Monday, August 20, 2007

Sunburst Trip

It's Harvest time! This is Carter and Kyle waiting for Nate to come pick them up for Carter's first combine ride.
He looks so tiny next to the big giant John Deere wheels!
Here they are up in the cab. Kyle said Carter was fascinated to start out with - then he fell asleep. I guess he wasn't nervous at all!
They're coming back with a full load which Phil is waiting to take. It was my first time watching them work out there; it was very interesting. They work hard!
This is our Ace Ventura picture. Some of you will remember the Finkle/Einhorn part! I'm a huge dork.
Carter loved hanging out with all his Sunburst relatives. He and Great Grandma Bonnie were playing with a nice rattle for a bit.
Dad was tired! He spent the morning helping Grandpa Dick move stuff at his office. Carter doesn't seem to mind the giant arm across him.
Laney got to play with her friend Josie for a little while. Watching two Shih-Tzus sprint around the yard while a Border Collie and German Shepherd observe is quite amusing!
Carter was having a great time playing "So Big" with Mary Jo. He was really getting the hang of it!
Here's some handsome Barsness boys. Carter is stretching on the bed with his cousin Colten (who's about to start kindergarten) and his Dad.
Our last Sunburst trip blog had a picture just like this. Carter and Laney enjoy taking little naps together. I love the alligator outfit (thanks Grandma Patsy)!
Time for a bath! Grandma Diana and Grandpa Dick's kitchen sink worked perfectly for a little man to get clean. He's just such a good boy.
He's starting to move all over the place. He managed to wedge himself under his toy while we were eating dinner! (Erica - he's wearing the "gym teacher" pants!)
More play time with his Great Grandma! It's always so nice to visit - I'm glad we got up there before volleyball really gets going.
This is Bonnie's beautiful house. Kyle's always telling his co-workers about it. This picture doesn't really do it justice. She has lovely flowers everywhere too!

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