Sunday, August 26, 2007

End of Summer

We went to Missoula this weekend for volleyball and stayed overnight with our buddy Callie. Carter was playing with his toes and his Dad on Saturday morning. He loves those toes.
We went to the mall and made Carter try on some hats in the Children's Place. He's usually not a hat kind of guy, but he seemed pretty happy. Must have been all the attention!
This face just killed me! He looks like such a little goofball in that hat.
Roadtrips wear a little guy out. He had a very nice nap on the way back to Butte. So peaceful.
Some little man enjoys his vegetables - here he his having some tasty squash. I love the dot on his eyebrow. It's much easier to clean than rice cereal though!
He's discovered the joy of juice, pear juice to be exact. He also loves the cup; it's so easy to grab and jam it in your mouth!
It was a bit chilly the other day so we got to get in warm clothes. He looks pretty happy about his cool owl sweater from Lando.
I remember Erica put Landon's first jeans picture up, so we had to do the same. He's so stylish! Thanks for the Lucky Jeans, Carrie.
Yum! Carter found that munching on celery = a good time.
Time for a chat with Grandma. He has some big stories to tell. I love these pajamas - the dinosaurs are so cute.
We haven't had a bath picture in a while. He's starting to stretch out and kick a lot. He likes a nice washcloth in his mouth too. I made sure not to get a full frontal!
Oh sadness! It was the last week of Grandpa daycare. Carter is going to miss taking walks with Grandpa - he was a spoiled little guy this summer. Thanks Grandpa (and Abb and Jord, who are also wonderful).

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Anonymous said...

So... thanks to Grandpa, Abs, and Jocko. Hmmmm. It seems to me you are forgetting someone. Maybe I'm wrong though. Maybe not.