Monday, August 20, 2007

Silly Stuff

Another rice cereal face - this one kind of looks like he has fangs! That was not fun to clean off; he hates having his face wiped. Such is life.
Carter and Grandma playing with the puppy dog. Carter seems to watch Laney more and more everyday. I'm sure Laney can't wait until he can chase her around.
Our dog is a good sport. She looked smashing in Carter's radioactive green sunglasses!
Landon never really got into this toy, he was too busy moving. So now it's Carter to play with - thanks Lando.
Carter loves this activity center. He's even starting to turn on his own - what a big guy!
This picture is just cute. Carter fell asleep on the floor next to his aquarium, and Laney kept a close watch over him. Some days just wear the poor guy out.

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