Monday, April 28, 2008

Outdoor adventures!

Yes, more pictures! I couldn't help it. Plus my computer was being very fast. Anyway, it's finally nice here. On Sunday, we spent almost the whole day outside (he didn't even need a coat). Carter figured out that the front door leads to outside! I'm not sure how long the nice weather will last so we took full advantage of it.

There was one little pile of snow left by the porch. We gave Carter his shovel and showed him how to use it. It will be good practice for the sandbox this summer.
Laney is in need of another haircut. She was quite warm after her big walk. I guess this cooled her down!
This is the silliest face. It just makes me laugh when I look at it! I like his shirt too - little skulls and crossbones. He was looking good.
He thought pinecones were really cool. He gathered them onto the sidewalk and then threw them into the air.
He kept going up to his stroller and trying to climb into it. So we took a nice walk. He's not very subtle when he wants something!
He loves the tree. He walks over to it, stares at it, and says "up". Abb helped him out. He really just likes to touch it.
Here's my little monkey on Saturday at C Street Park. Daddy helped him hang from the monkey bars.
We usually end the park adventures by chasing Laney in the grass. He got her!
He also decided dirt was delicious, so why not try some grass? He spit it out though - must not be as tasty.
The little fake rock stairs were his favorite part. We all took turns helping him climb up there. He really needs a haircut!
Jordan came down there with us. She took him down the slide quite a few times. He wasn't sure about it at first, but then he liked it.
This is the first trip down. You can tell he's not sure what is going on.
He liked to beat on the slide. He thought that was really funny. He wanted to climb up it too.

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