Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A few more

Erica took some pictures from my camera, so I took some from her's. They were too good to pass up. Anyway, I don't normally like pictures of my backside, but this is cute. Lando just came and held my hand so we could walk to the otherside of the playground. He's my little pal. He's started calling me "Mia" lately instead of "Bapoo".
Erica got this very cute one of Carter going down his favorite tunnel slide. I love the way his smile is now. His front teeth kill me.
Jordan is such a patient babysitter. This is a very cute picture. I love how Landon's eyes are closed.
Sometimes they are so nice to eachother. Isn't this a cute little hug?
Nobody really knows what little crazy man was doing here. He might have been throwing a ball to Jordan. I love those pajamas though.
Whatever book one is reading, the other one has to come sit down. We were reading about the monkeys jumping on the bed. That's a good one. Laney looks depressed in the background. I think this was after her bath. The boys thought that Laney taking a bath in their bathtub was really cool.

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