Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pretty Mundane

It was kind of a slow week in good old Butte. We did go meet Grandma and Grandpa Barsness in Helena on Saturday, but I couldn't find my camera (which was too bad because Carter was quite charming at dinner). Luckily, my Dad found it under a couch cushion on Sunday.

This is just Carter being silly in his pajamas. He was dumping out the bucket of horses and farm animals so he could wear it on his head.
After their bath on Sunday night, the boys had a delightful time eating sherbert together. They both call it "Ice".

On Thursday night when I was in Billings, Landon had quite the sad night. He pinched his finger in a door, and it bled and bled. He was fine after it was washed - until the dreaded BandAid went on. Kyle said Landon thought this BandAid was the worst thing ever.
This is a very sad little Landon face. Apparently the BandAid was not even allowed to touch any of his other fingers. Poor guy. He needed lots of hugs from his Mom.
Laney really likes the boys' pajamas. When we get them out, she always goes and lays on them. They are very nice and soft. She's a silly little dog...Carter really loves her.
I'm so happy. Carter finally likes the bath again! The last two have been quite entertaining. They splash, dump water on eachother, and pretty much just have a good time. I love Lando's hair in this picture.
Sometimes they like to yell as loud as possible for no reason at all. They used to do this to try and scare Grandpa - now they do it just for fun. It's really a gorgeous sound. I'll try and get a video!
I'm just glad he likes the bath again. He used to run away when Landon asked him "Bath? Carter?".
Landon really wanted me to take a picture of him the other day, so I did of course. He's saying a really big "Cheese"!
This picture kills me. Landon was jumping all over Jordan. Then he realized that Abb and Jord were both laying the same way, so he thought he would too. Oh, and he had no pants on!
This is really not the best picture of Carter, but it was quite amusing. He ate three bowls of clam chowder that night. He apparently enjoys Grandpa's cooking!
He kept giving me big huge kisses the other night. He would lean back and open his mouth really wide (obviously) and slobber all over my cheeks. It was lovely.
This might be my favorite picture of the week. It was quite funny to hear them reading their books out loud to themselves. One of those rare sitting still moments!

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