Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween and more

Sorry this is late - political stuff kept me busy at work all day Monday. In fact, I'm off to go vote right now. Enjoy!

The boys' new thing to do is run back and forth between people and give hugs before they leave. They did this for about five minutes with Abb and Jord the other night.
They also gave Aunt Terri a very nice double hug. Apparently Landon had a little something in his nose here. It happens!
Sunday was Jordan's 10th birthday! It's hard to believe she's that old. Carter was very excited for her to blow out the candles so he could eat some cake. He kept trying to move closer and closer to it.
Jordan had quite a birthday feast: oven-fried chicken, cheesy rice, corn, and some delicious vegetable pizza. She's a good kid - she chopped up most of the vegetables herself! Then of course we had cake.
Landon is a little leery of the candles, but he did enjoy singing "Happy Birthday". He was pretty good at it.
Earlier in the day Carter decided to give his old pal "Blue Guy" and his juice a ride in the laundry basket. He went around and around the house about ten times going "Ride, ride, blue".
They also decided to have a nice jump in the crib. That's always a fun time.
This was Carter saying "Cheese" to Kyle after his Halloween parade at daycare. It was very cute. He held my hand and his favorite daycare lady's hand while we walked down the block.
This is Landon coming out for the parade. Erica said he didn't like his costume that morning so we were a little worried. He came out pounding on his cool chest muscles though. He thought he looked good!
Erica and Kyle took the boys to three different indoor trick or treating places and to visit Grandma and Grandpa at work. They got lots and lots of candy. Kyle said Carter kept saying his pumpkin was "Heaby"!
This is such a cute picture. He made a fine little Superman. We were lucky that their costumes fit them so well since we didn't try them on first.
They were very good boys all day. Carter crashed about eight thirty. He was a tired boy. I was glad he wore his hat and wings though. He kept pointing at his wings and saying he was a "bat".
This is just a picture of my dirty little guy. They were filling up empty bubble containers with sand and sprinkling it on eachother. Boys will be boys.
This picture is so weird. He found his baby sunglasses from two summers ago and had to wear them. He looks like a little alien here.
I just thought this was a cute picture. That is a very peaceful little man.
It was so nice out the other night that the boys didn't even need their coats. Dad was holding Landon and throwing a ball really high in the air. Everytime they would catch it, Landon would laugh so hard!
We found a fun game where the boys get on our backs, and we run at eachother across the yard. They always think we're going to crash! When we don't (obviously) - they laugh and laugh.
He's a very serious driver. It must be the responsibility that comes with that police car.
They both were having fun going down the slides and eating fruit snacks. Hopefully we have some nice days left for more outside play!

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