Monday, March 2, 2009

2 months already!

It was so nice here yesterday that Mom, Erica, Laney, the boys, and I all went for a long walk to feed the ducks. It was quite fun. Carter and Landon even got to take off their coats and hats on the way back!

One of the few pictures where both boys were in their strollers. They did a lot of walking and running. This was on the way back so they were both pretty tired. They were waving to me and Laney as you can see.
Just another "Cheese" picture. I love the crazy face he makes when he says it.
Speaking of crazy faces...this is the picture Erica took of their donut enjoyment. Sunday morning is always good for the boys - they get a nice breakfast and get to see Grandma Vivian.
I just thought this is such a cute little face. It's so rare that he's sitting still and not making a weird face! He looks so much like his Dad.
This is Avery's trying to smile face. Sometimes it takes her a minute to get those corners upturned! She was 2 months old yesterday - I can't believe it!
This was such a cute outfit. She had just taken a bath also, so she looked and smelled fantastic.
Avery got a nice blanket and rattle from one of Kyle's fellow police officers. Carter got a Mr. Potato Head. They are so nice about including Carter. Anyway, he decided to wear "tato head's hat" on his head!
She's so cute. She was getting ready for pajamas, and she looked lovely in her little brown, flowery onesie.
We went to the girls' basketball game on Thursday night. It was a good game (they got first in the conference again) and pretty fun to watch. We were the last ones in the whole gym of course - except the guy vacuuming!
This is Carter being a goofball at Erica and Landon's house. He really likes to go over there and play with all Landon's stuff. He asked me if we could go to Auntie's house and "cook pizza" on Sunday morning!
They were really good that night. They were laying on the flattened Lightning McQueen tent and being silly. Lando looks so funny holding his feet like that.
She is such an aware little baby. She really turns to find the source of people's voices.
Carterman is so funny. He decided one night that blue guy needed some socks on. He kept saying "I show you Momma" because I was laughing. So this is him showing me!
This is not the best picture, but it was a natural smile. No "cheese"! He was playing with the big exercise ball - always a fun time!
Here's my little double chin girl. She just seems so tiny that it makes me laugh that she has two chins and thigh rolls!
This picture is pretty cute. Avery and Aunt Erica hanging out on the couch. I like her polka dot outfit too.

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