Monday, March 16, 2009

Cute stuff

Carter decided to play outside last night in the freezing wind for about 45 minutes when we got home from dinner. Dad and I played outside with him while Mom hung out with Avery. Afterwards Carter tried his first cup of hot cocoa. He kept saying "Num Num" and licking his lips.
Dad and Carter were playing "chicken" with the cars. Usually Dad would move out of the way at the last second, and Carter would laugh and laugh! Every once in awhile though there was a crash!
Can you tell he was having such a good time? Dad and I were freezing. Carter apparently can't feel cold as well as we can.
Avery was looking quite cute in her Mickey Mouse outfit from Aunt Nancy and Uncle Frank. We wanted her to wear it on Valentine's Day, but it was a little big. Carter kept pointing at Mickey Mouse all day long.
Mom got this cute pink bear suit for Avery when she was born. She finally kind of fits in it. The arms and legs are still a little long. She looked so lovely in it!
Carter had a great time with Jordan and this green ball on Saturday. He would throw it to her, and she would try to hit it with the racket. He's got a dangerous sidearm throw!
Carter said "Me hold Avery", so I let him. He's quite a nice little boy to his sister. I told him what a good big brother he was.
Avery was talking to Aunt Terri here. She's starting to make a lot of different noises now. It's very cute.
Carter was kind of jealous because Landon wanted to hang out with me on Friday. He wanted to just sit with me and cuddle. That's rare! He's my babyguy.
Here's my buddy Lando. He wanted to "see Mia" which is me. I was playing a nice little tune on his chest - he thought that was pretty funny.
Miss Avers took her first shower last week with her Daddy. She was so good - I had to take a picture. I love how she's all curled up on him.
I had her pretty towel all ready for her when she was done. She laid on the floor and Laney curled up next to her to keep her warm. Laney really loves Carter and Avery.
Don't they look like little troublemakers? They're actually good boys. They get a cup to rinse out their mouth (and play in the water) if they brush their teeth. Carter lets me brush his back ones.
I just happened to catch this cute little guy running around the house. I love the cheeks.
This is a big smile! She looks like she's posing with that hand up behind her ear - very modelesque. She must have known she looked beautiful in her sweater and jeans from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness.
She looks so peaceful when she's sleeping. Whenever she wakes up, she jams that fist into her mouth.
I got a couple action photos of the boys jumping on the bed. As you can see here, Carter is going backwards!
This one kills me. They like to land on their butts also.
Here's Avery sitting at the computer with Aunt Terri. She really wants to tell her something. She looks like she's listening too!
Here she is talking to me. I think it's so funny watching her little mouth move all over the place, trying to make a new noise.
Here's Carter and Landon helping Avery get her bouncer's waterfall going. They kept going over and kissing her head. It's funny how they say "Hi Avery" in their nice little voices!
Just a goofy face to finish off this week's blog. He was a good boy this weekend. I can't believe he'll be two in a month. Time flies!

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