Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Not the best

Here is a lovely video of Carter and Jordan dancing. Carter kind of boxes when he dances. The best part is Jordan trying to dance like him. They were dancing to the song that plays on Carter's Thomas the Train book from Grandma Bonnie.

The reason this week is titled not the best is because Carter has started throwing fits and being mean to Landon. Quite lovely. I'm hoping some of it is his big pointy teeth are finally about half way through...and he'll be two in a month. I guess we'll see. My girl is an angel though. She really is a good baby. I had to put this photo up for Nicole. She's wearing the little purple shoed outfit from her that is so cute.

Carter and Landon are very helpful about giving Grandma Vivian her cane. They really love to see her on Sunday mornings. I like when Carter says "Hi Grandma Bibian".

She really likes to suck on her whole hand if she can get it in her mouth. It drives Kyle crazy, but I think it's kind of cute. He just doesn't want her to be a thumbsucker.
This is her smiley morning face. I think this is so cute. She's starting to get some eyelashes to go along with those big dark blue eyes.
This is her trying to talk face. She makes some nice little sighs and coos. She looks like she wants to converse with us, but she just can't figure it out.
Carter took a fun bath with some of his new toys from Sunburst - his Thomas squeakers and his Nemo and Dory toy. He also looked smashing in his new froggy towel from Phil and Mary Jo. He's a spoiled little guy!
This is quite a physique. She's not a huge girl, but she does have some lovely thigh and arm rolls. She loves to kick and kick and kick!
This is how Carter was watching "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" on Saturday morning. He's starting to like that show. He also stole my granola bar, so he was pretty pleased with himself.

Abbey is pretty good at getting Miss Avers to take little naps. That was day Avery went through three outfits. Every time we changed her diaper, she'd pee all over. She knows the minute she's free!
Here's the other Abbey and Avery picture. Her eyes are about half way open in this one. She's not sure if she actually wants to sleep or not.

Mom got these hats for both boys a long time ago. Lando never wore his, so Carter has two. He thought it was hilarious that Jordan was wearing the same hat. He kept saying "Mom, one two hats!".

Here's Jocko (looking very colorful after dance) and her pal Avery chilling on the floor. Avery is a curious baby. She's always looking around - taking in everything.

He's looking awfully happy here because I told him he could play the Wii since he was being a good boy. Tennis is his favorite, but he also enjoys a good game of golf or bowling. When he bowls, he says "Swing and let go".

This is such a cute picture of Landon. He told Erica he wanted to hold Avery. He held her for about ten seconds and decided that was enough. Avery looks so happy too!

Landon has been doing this cool underbite thing lately. He walks around with this goofy smile on his face and his chin sticking way out. I didn't get a good pictue of it, but he looks handsome.

Carter loves to jump on Uncle Kyle's bed. I'm sure Kyle loves it too! He's wearing his cool jeans and 49ers shirt that Grandma and Grandpa Barsness got for him. It's so cute, very vintage. We're brainwashing him to like both the 49ers and the Redskins!

She's so funny. She's got that smile down now. I love the arm stretch too.

Dad was "attacking" Carter with his foot, and Carter was pretending to eat his toes. He kept leaning down and going "num num num". You can tell he was laughing so hard.

This is Carter's Elton John picture. He looked so funny in these glasses that Terri and Mom picked up at JoAnn's. I love how they are too big so you can only see half his eyes. He's wearing this sweatshirt that Auntie Kelsie got him. He's worn it three out of the last four days. He always says "My jacket!" so we don't forget it.

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