Monday, July 13, 2009

Folk Festival fun

We went to the National Folk Festival this weekend in Uptown Butte, and it was awesome! We didn't get to go last year because of Goosetown, but I'm so glad we did this year. There were over 100,000 people there over three days! Here's the view when we were leaving on Sunday. The "Original Stage" is actually under the Gallow's Frame. On Saturday night the people pretty much covered that entire lawn.
Here's my little cuties down on Park Street. There were three different stages so we did quite a bit of walking. It was good exercise. Avery absolutely loved her stroller so that was good! Kyle had a great time sampling all the food. Our lunch was from Australia - it was delicious.
Erica and I took Abb and Jord up on Sunday to see the break dancers - The Massive Monkees - from Seattle. They were amazing. I can't imagine how strong they have to be to do some of those moves! Abbey and Jordan loved it, but they were tired. They flew in from Vegas that morning and were up at 3:30 in the morning.
This was Saturday night. Carter was on Kyle's shoulders to watch the break dancers. Erica had Landon too. I wish I would have got a picture of him. He was dancing and telling us to dance. "Mia - you gotta dance!". Our kids were so good - we were up there until 10:30.
My little girl was quite happy to see everyone (Mom, Terri, Abb, and Jord) again. Look at those bottom gums! Dr. Graham said he doesn't feel anything sharp yet, but that her gums are pretty swollen. Her 6 month appointment went great. She's still a little thing though - 13.5! She loves vegetables though. She's had carrots and sweet potatoes so far, and she loves them.
Friday was a lonely day! Dad and Erica were in Billings, Kyle was at work, Little Kyle was at Goosetown, and the ladies were in Avery, Carter, and I hung out at Grandma Vivian's for awhile. Avery had a good time rolling around on her floor and putting her pacifier in upside down.
I took Carter to Clark's Park for a little while last week. He was a maniac. There are so many slides and swings there, and he just wanted to run. He looks so little here - this is where the ice skating rink is in the winter. In the summer, it's just a giant ring of dirt and grass.
He did find a horsey though. That always makes him happy. He even gave it a hug goodbye when we were leaving!
My girl has discovered the joy of the jumparoo. I put her in there the other night when Carter was taking a bath. She's quite bouncy in it! She's taking a little rest here!
Carterman had a fun Thursday night with Uncle Kyle. Carter would run from couch to couch and Uncle Kyle would throw pillows at him. So much fun!
Carter would laugh and laugh and say "Uncle Kyle got me"!
Then he would climb on the couch next to Kyle and try to hit him with pillows. He's such a boy!
Carter really enjoyed petting Poppa's bald head. He kept saying "My mommy cut all your hair".
We played a delightful and highly competitive game of Scrabble the other night. Landon helped Erica out by putting a drink holder on her head! One of the best parts of this picture is the pictures of Kyle on the calendar.
Carter went from person to person "helping" them build some words.
This was the first time in the jumparoo. She looks a bit crazy!
Super Carter! He wore these pajamas and Landon's winter boots to Walmart the other day. We got many compliments on that gorgeous outfit!
More tummy time. I keep waiting for her to take off. I swear she spends more time on her belly than any baby ever. She just loves rolling!
This is Landon's "Hot Dog" dance. I think he was working on the Goofy part. He's pretty good at it; the boy's got some rhythm!

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