Monday, July 27, 2009

Random cuteness galore

Avery was having a great time in her activity thing on Saturday. Sometimes she just tolerates it, but she was actually enjoying it that night!

Lando spent the night on Saturday. The boys were very good. They had a little cake time while they watched Bolt. That movie is cute. It taught Carter to say "That one's a keeper" every time he takes a picture now.
We went to Emerson for a nice little walk. Me, Dad, Erica, Laney, and three strollers. I bet we looked pretty funny. Anyway, Lando didn't feel like wearing a shirt. He looks so fast in this picture!
Carter had a fine time at Emerson also except we kept having to shake the rocks out of his Lightning McQueen sandals.
He looks so silly here. As you can see, he did not feel like wearing clothes we got in our Transformers pajamas a little early.
Ave took a little snooze on the walk to Emerson. She's my good baby.
She is a squirming little girl. She rolls, she scoots, she'll do anything to grab stuff. She was going for a book here to read with those big eyes!
We can't take Carter to Walmart anymore. Everytime we're there we have to find the Mickey Mouse car. He loves it, but he gets sad when it's time to leave.
More scooting and rolling. I have to try and get a picture of that one tooth. It's through, and the one right next to it is coming.
It was Evel Knievel weekend. I went up for about three hours on Thursday night while Abb, Terr, and Jord watched the kids. It was pretty fun. I ran into Erica who was at a bachelorette party. Kyle worked all three nights and said Friday and Saturday were crazy.
Avers was funny jumping outside. She wasn't too sure at first about that grass under her feet! She looked so cute holding the plastic banana in her funny onesie from Erica. It said "Smart" and then had a shiny cookie underneath!
She's such a goofy little girl. She was outside with Aunt Terri. Being outside always makes her happy. There's just so much to look at.
Carter was looking totally cool the other day in this Cars outfit. His friend Madisyn got it for him for his birthday. The shorts were a little large but so stylish.
Here's Avery with her buddy Auntie Erica down at C Street Park. She was having a bad teething day so we went for a stroller ride. It always seems to calm her down. You can see she's playing with her Tylenol.
The boys were being turkeys and picking some poppies the other day. Luckily they're pretty much bloomed out anyway. Erica and I put the flowers in our hair, and then they wanted to do the same. He looks gorgeous!

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