Monday, July 6, 2009

Making new friends!

Erica and I took the boys to Lincoln on Sunday to visit some old friends. We went to the Suttons house and hung out for about three hours. Leah has a little boy, Elijah, who turned 3 a couple months ago. Carter, Landon, and Eli had a great time playing together. They were getting ready to go to the playground at the school here.
This is Leah's little girl Alana with her Grandma Teresa. Alana is ten months old and is about double the size of Avery! Look at those legs! She was a very sweet little girl. My sweet little girl stayed home with her Daddy. She had enough car rides the day before.

These three were really funny. They all had squirtguns and were running from tree to tree squirting them. I'm not sure what they were thinking!

They all sat around the table together and ate Mac and Cheese. Later they all took their shirts off so they wouldn't get dirty. I wish I had a picture of that!

The boys were excellent travellers to and from Lincoln. They slept and were quite funny when we were there. It was fun. I got to see my friend Laura also.

We went to Bozeman on the afternoon of the 4th to see my cousin Kathi's kids. We had a belated 3rd birthday for Josh and got to meet Luke, who's two weeks older than Avery. They had a good time staring at eachother.

They kept trying to touch eachother's faces, then Luke would act all embarrassed and bury his face in Grandma Diane's shoulder. He's so cute and laidback! I'm glad Avery had fun for awhile. She got really tired, screamed a lot, and cried herself to sleep eventually. She's a good baby, but she's got a temper!

Here's "Wukas" as Josh calls him. This is sort of a serious face here. He's a big boy. It was quite a difference between holding him and holding Avers! I'm glad we got to meet him.
Here's Josh opening some presents. He was a really good boy. He shared all the toys in his room with our boys and was not shy at all! He especially liked Jordan and Abbey. He would just stop right in front of them and smile. So cute!

Josh had a dinosaur themed party. Kathi and Mike hid little dinosaur eggs around the yard. Carter found a couple - he just wanted to run. He did like how sticky the dinosaurs were!

This was the aftermath of the pinata! Carter proudly held up one Starburst out of the hundred or so that were on the ground.

Here's Josh going to town on the pinata. He has quite the swing. Carter hit it pretty good too, but he used a little foam Spiderman bat. Landon kind of just tapped on it, which was hilarious. Kathi eventually cut some slits in the bottom to help the boys out.

Right when we came in, Josh asked Carter if he wanted to see his room. What a friendly guy. Carter was in heaven. I think we're going to have to get him a tool bench!

After the party, we made a trip over to see the dinosaur park. It was really neat. They had a lot of fun stuff for every age group. Here's Josh uncovering some dinosaur bones. The have some buried under the sand.
The park had a lot of cool slides for the boys to go down. Carter is always a fan of the covered ones. He had a great time there.
This picture makes me laugh. Lando looks so little on top of that big play thing! He had a good time too, especially on the tightrope. We had a great afternoon there. It was so great to see everyone. We'll have to do it again soon!

This is when we were leaving the parade. Miss Avers was very good. She wore her hat and just stared at everything coming down Harrison Avenue. She took a nice nap on Jordan when we got back to Mom and Dad's house.

The boys favorite part of the parade was definitely Mickey Mouse! They got to give him a high five. They liked the horses too. I liked the horses until one of them stunk up the street right in front of us!
The boys both wanted to sit with me. I felt so loved! They got some balloons from some random politician. I can't remember which one!

Here's a cute picture of Grandma and Avery and Kyle's shoulder. It was a lovely day for the parade, warm but with a little breeze.

Here's me and my little man watching the fireworks from the Big M on Friday night. I'm not a huge fireworks fan, but I like the big ones. Carter enjoyed them too.

Jordan, Avery, and Poppa were watching them too. Avery had a couple late nights this weekend! She was good though - the loud fireworks didn't scare her.

There's Erica and Landoman. Landon wasn't a big fan of the fireworks at all, but he did watch the big ones. He kept yelling out the colors, which was pretty funny. We watched them from the Ries's house up in Walkerville, and it was quite a nice night.

Now we're down to the random pictures. Avery and Carter got to stay home with us on Friday. Kyle and I both had the day off. It was very relaxing. Avery looked very pretty in her heart dress.
One of my favorite parts about summer is the outfits! Avery got to show off her beautiful limbs in this little daisy romper. It had a little boatneck at the top - too cute.

Carter made a little friend at Mom and Dad's house last week. He's always wanting to pet this cat, and he finally got to! Laney was inside shaking - she hates the fireworks.
We went to Mackenzie River last week, and Carter was crazy. He ate food from everyone's plates and laid on the bench. He was wearing his hilarious shirt from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness. We got many compliments on his huge muscles!
I have many tummy time pictures from Avery this week. She just loves to roll over on her belly. She looks like she's taking a little rest here!
Carter likes his little lawn chair that Poppa found for him. I think he feels like a big guy in it!
This is the silliest little face. She's making some new noises lately. I think this might be the end of one of them!
Carter always says he wants to hold her. Then he just lets her lay there! He's lucky that he's so cute. I mean, how can I get mad at that face?
Here they are hanging out his bed, watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Carter is a big fan of Leonardo (because he has a big "knife"). He's a clown. Well...until next week - it's been fun!

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