Monday, July 20, 2009

It's oh so quiet

We had a pretty relaxing week. Nothing much happening - although my Carterman does have a sinus infection. He was still in a fine mood. He found the old Northwestern Energy hat which for some reason, he just loves. He was looking good in these clothes Poppa picked out for him in Spokane. Carter really likes the shiny shorts.

We went to a wedding reception Saturday night for my friend Cristin. It was nice, but really warm. It was over 90 that day! Avery looked absolutely gorgeous in this dress that my friend Lisa gave us. It was very light. Luckily both kids were quite charming there.
This is not the best picture by any means, but her Daddy was making her laugh on the floor. I just thought this onesie was hilarious. It said "Capricorn - December 22-January 19 - the goat" and the little goat had a furry body and beard. It amused me.
Poppa let Carterman have the cake cutter and all of Uncle Kyle's leftover birthday cake. He's so spoiled. He just scraped all the frosting off and ate it!
Mom got this cute little outfit for Avery down in Vegas. She looked lovely in her little sea shells. Erica was happy too becuase it wasn't pink. We like pink, but I'm pretty sure 80% of girl stuff has some pink in it!
I took this when we were leaving Safeway. Erica made a fun CD for the boys full of kids songs. He was either singing "Wheels on the Bus", "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse", or "I'll Make a Man out of You" from Mulan. Those are his favorites. Look at his beat up little knees - what a boy!
Mason and Madisyn came over for a little visit. Avery really liked Mason's onesie. She tried to eat it! He's such a cutie.
Madisyn and Carter have been wanting to see eachother. So of course, when we got together they ignored eachother. Madisyn was tired though. She had a big day of fun outside.
Mason is starting to sit up very well by himself. He is one of the calmest babies I've ever seen! It's always nice to see my pal Ritter and the kids.
Another hat picture. He's going a little bit gangster in this one. Although that sweet face isn't earning him any street cred.
This is my girl's favorite book. It's called "That's not my dolly". She feels all the pages and is starting to try and turn them herself.
We took a little trip to Emerson last week to let the boys play. Avery went down some of the slides with Abb and Jord too. She wore herself out as you can see!
Carter still hasn't let us put his picnic table from Grandma Bonnie outside. He likes it in his room, so he can eat cake while he watches a movie!
This was earlier that day at Erica and Landon's house. I just wanted to show that the boys were wearing the same shorts. I think the people at daycare think we call eachother in the morning to dress them alike. We don't!
Avery was having a lot of fun with some of Carter's toys. She really liked this block that says all the words from "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you see?". That's another book she likes. The block is bigger than her head!
Avery's starting to sit up a lot better too. She's kind of a turkey. She always wants to stand.
My little Aves really enjoys her bath. She was in there the other night for about 45 minutes. Her little feet were beyond wrinkled! Her daddy was holding her since she's too little for her seat still.
We always try to bathe them together on Sunday night since we're both home. They were comparing ducks here. Callie got Avery a princess one and Carter a police one. Avery thought hers was delicious!

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