Monday, August 3, 2009

Great Times had by All!

Here's Carterman being Leonardo (his favorite Ninja turtle). Erica got the boys some foam daggers. It's a lot safer than fishing poles or golf clubs!

This is a cute picture. Carter and Avery had a very nice time visiting with Grandma and Grandpa Barsness (and of course, Diva). Carter was pretty sad when they left. He thought we were going to go with them to see some horseys and cows. Pretty soon!
Nate was also in town for Shane Tomsheck's wedding. I would have liked more pictures there, but I was chasing nutso Carter around. Avery was quite charming at the reception luckily. I wasn't sure about her mood since she's got those teeth moving!
After the wedding, we took a walk to Father Sheehan park. The boys haven't been there since last summer, so it was delightful for them. Avery got to hang out with her buddy Jocko. This is such a good picture of them!
Carterman always enjoys a good slide. Poppa rode Carter and Landon in the bike thing, and Jordan and Erica rode there too. Me and Avery were a little slower with the stroller, so I didn't get many pictures.
This was the end of Relay for Life. I was putting up luminaries until 11. When I was done, I found my baby girl all snuggled up in the tent with her pal Abbey. Look at those sleepy, rosy cheeks!
I knew it would get chilly later that night, so I found this beautiful pink bear hat for her. It kept her nice and warm while she did some laps with Grandma, Terri, Abb, and Jord.
There's me and smiley girl earlier at the Relay. She always gives the funniest smiles to she's embarrassed or something. All the kids were very good. Carter was a little sad when he got tired towards the end, but it was pretty late.

Copper Mountain has three softball fields up there. Landon and Carter had a good time running the bases once we showed them how to do it! Doesn't Landon look fast?
Here's Carter's lovely form. They met up around second base and barely avoided crashing. No wonder they were tired later!
This is just another example of how crazy they were up there. Dad bought a nice tent since Mom, Abb, and Jord always stay the night up there. The boys had the best time running back and forth and falling!
My girl had a drink up there and took a little nap while the boys played on the playground with Poppa. She's quite a good baby!
I took a shower late one night and came out to this lovely sight! They both look so peaceful.
The boys are taking toddler/parent swim lessons. We went M-Th last week, and we'll do that for two more weeks. They have been loving it! They get these 1 cent Spree candies when we leave everyday if they're good. One day they didn't get any because they ran around the pool instead of walking. I'm amazed one of them didn't fall.
I obviously haven't been able to get pictures of them swimming yet since Erica and I are in the pool with them. Here's a before picture of my skinny monkey.
Here's a nice before picture of my handsome little nephew.
This is just a cute picture of Carter and his Daddy. Carter enjoys using Kyle and Poppa as junglegyms.
I found a game they can all play together...Spongebob Uno! Avery drools on the cards, Landon sorts them into pairs, and Carter messes them all up. What fun!
She was wearing her cute Peas on Earth onesie from her Alaska buddies. They gave her peas for lunch at daycare because they thought it was funny. She scarfed them up!
Poppa's 53rd birthday was last week. He tried to blow out the candles with that noisemaker. It unfortunately did not work. In fact, it got hot wax on the end and burned Dad's eyebrow. We laughed (he wasn't hurt)!
Avery has gotten to the stage where she likes to grab faces, necks, and hair. Whatever she can get her hands on! She's giving Grandma some nice loves here.
Carter was teaching her to play the guitar. I like when they play together. He says "I gotta go see my baby" all the time.
Ave army crawled over to this guitar. I'm predicting maybe two weeks and she'll be crawling like a maniac. She's so close!

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