Monday, August 24, 2009

A summery weekend

I titled this a summery weekend, but Sunday was actually a little chilly. Carter finally got to wear this awesome outfit that Landon and Erica got him for Christmas though!

Saturday was gorgeous. Jordan wanted to set up the slip and slide for the boys. They didn't play on it at all of course, but Avery had a wonderful time. She got to wear a beautiful swimsuit that Grandma Patsy got for her.
That water was not warm at all, but she didn't care. She sat in it and splashed around with her rattle. She's teething like crazy - drool, drool, drool!
She's getting so funny with her hands. She's always rolling them around eachother and then stopping to look at them. We also went swimming at the Y on Sunday. No pictures (sorry), but she had a great time!
Jordan went on the slip and slide - she's a trooper. She looks a bit surprised!
The boys would walk on it. That was about it. They're a bit weird about the slip and slide.
They have no problem getting wet with the hose however. The little neighbor girl got them both soaked last Thursday! I believe Landon is saying "Cheese" here!
I don't even know how she got them this wet. They thought they were pretty hilarious though.
Erica and Dad took the boys to the store so Avery and I got to spend some time together outside. She was having a good time (as you can see) with a bunch of toys spread out on a blanket.
This dress was so cute. It was a little big, but I wanted her to wear it before the summer was over. I'm liking this off the shoulder look she's got going on.
Carterman begged me last week to go to Auntie Erica's house so he could run on the bridge. We ended up playing in the dark on Wednesday night! Avery and Jordan went down the slide together.
Ah, the famous bridge. They used to be so careful on it and sort of tiptoe across. Not anymore - they're little maniacs!
What a stride! This is a boy with a mission - to go down the slide.
Jordan and her little buddy. Avery is starting to wave now. Whether it's on purpose or not, I don't know.
The boys were having a great time with Laney the other night. They were running in a nice little circle and laughing hysterically (just look at Carter's face!).

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