Monday, November 2, 2009


This picture kills me. Erica told me (I was in Billings) that she asked them to hold hands for a picture. She said Carter just kept saying Cheeeeeeeeeeese, and Landon thought that was really funny. They are cute little guys - they made a fabulous Buzz and Woody!

Erica said Lando was not a huge fan of the hat, but she managed to get a couple of pictures of him in it. He looked very cute!
There's Princess Jasmine with her Daddy and her big bright eyes! She was quite beautiful. They told me that they were going to bring her over to the other daycare because there was Cinderella, Ariel, and Tinkerbell next door. I wonder if they got a picture of all of the princesses!
He's Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger! Everyone told me he was such a good boy this weekend. He just had fun the whole time.
Erica and Kyle took the boys up to the Museum of Mining for "Treat Street". They enjoyed getting candy, but I think they really enjoyed running around on the hills the best. Woody found a dandelion. I love the scarf!
Buzz actually wore his hood for a little while. I wasn't sure if he would. Doesn't he look like he and blue guy are flying up that hill?
I stole this from Erica's blog. It's too cute. Landon was helping Carterman put on his wings before they went outside for the parade. They are such good cousins!
Erica got this one right before. They were sitting at the table all by themselves having some breakfast (which looks suspiciously like Halloween peppermint patties). Carter likes to bring cereal with him in his backpack to daycare. They are so funny.
I did get to get them dressed and take them to daycare in the morning before we left for Billings. I was happy about that. Miss Avers was up first so she ate, got dressed, had a toothbrush, and went in Carter's room to wake him up. She looks funny with her little sweats hanging out!
Carter got to go to "the mountains" with Poppa and Landon on Sunday. Actually they went behind Rocker to the old railroad tracks, but they had a very good time exploring. Carter was telling me that I had to stay with Avery. What a sweetheart.
This is how Carterman fell asleep the other night. I got him some new shoes, they are Jordans and they were very much on sale. He likes them though and insists on wearing them over his pajamas!
My little googlebear had a delightful time pulling everything off my fridge the other night. I think she just realized all that stuff can come off of there!
Carter and Avery have decided they like the bath again - I'm so happy! The last two have been quite fun. Carter likes to throw bubbles at me or rub them all over Avery's back.
I'm not sure if you can tell, but Avery was soaked after Carter's bath. She likes to lean over the edge and play with the bubbles. He was splashing a lot that night though! Her daycare lady said those pants made her eyes hurt!
There's some of the splashing. I'm just glad he likes the bath again. I think some of the freaking out had to do with that ear infection we didn't know he had.
Carter accidentally whacked his sister when he was being crazy with the bubbles. He had to say he was sorry and give her a kiss. All was forgiven! Ave took a bath too that night, but I can't take pictures of her because she's crazy. She's up, she's down, she crawls in the tub - I have to always have my hands out to catch her.
She just thinks she is so big. I keep waiting for her to try and step. She stands up on her own now from the floor. Then she plops right down again when she wants to crawl somewhere. Her two Halloween outfits from my mom were so cute.
I just thought this face was funny. She was babbling I'm sure. She pretty much talks non-stop now!
This was the first time he wore his new hat. Grandma saw the Toy Story one and couldn't help herself. He told me in the car that Lightning McQueen was his friend.
Carter had some cool Halloween clothes for last week too. He had his bones shirt, his Cap'n Spooky shirt, and a Batman one. He was using those pliers to dip his hot dog in ketchup!
Avery was so goofy the other night. She would roll on the floor and put her legs up in the air and laugh. Then she'd lay on her side on grab one leg of her pants and pull it up. She was having the best time just rolling around and being silly!
I still don't know what was going on! She hasn't done it again since that night. It was really funny though!
I noticed Kathi had a picture like this too. It must have just been a week for playing in boxes. As you can see by that hilarious face, Avery was having a great time. I can't not laugh when I look at it!

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