Monday, November 16, 2009

Amusing themselves

We had a pretty fun day Saturday. Carter slept at Lando's on Friday night. The boys came up to Erica holding hands and said Carter needed to stay at Landon's house. Anyway, we went to McDonald's for lunch the next day and then to the bowling alley to watch Abb and Jord bowl. Ave had a nice little nap there.
Carter and Landon were really good out there. Carter told Abbey her ball was really heavy. I love his silly face here.
Miss Avers loves to try to put hats on her head, so her Daddy decided she needed an LSU one. She was loving all the attention on Saturday morning. She got her run of Carter's room!
I have a picture of Carter at 10 months reading this same book. Mary Jo and Phil got Carter those little Sesame Street books, and they are just perfect for little baby hands!
Bath nights are too much fun now. They both have such a good time. You can see her five beautiful teeth kind of!
After the bath, she likes to play with her belly. They took seperate baths that night, so she hung out by the side of the tub to watch her brother.
She had a fine time pushing Carter's Tonka toy up and down the hall. It was funny because she started out so fast and you could see her just wearing out. She works so hard!
Mom and Dad were cleaning and found a bunch of bottles from when Carter and Landon were babies. My babies had a good time playing with them. Carter kept putting them on Avery's mouth and saying "Talk Avers!".
This Woody hat is just going to be fun for quite awhile. Carter loves to wear it around Mom and Dad's house.
This picture kills me. The boys discovered they love pretzel sticks. So they were eating and watching Carter's new Ice Age Movie from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness (which they just laugh and laugh at). They just look so cute together. Lando had some awesome crazy hair that day too!
This is just a silly Avery face. She looked so cute in her new striped jacket from Auntie Kelsie....who will be here in two days! We can't wait to see her!
She's very clever. She moved this little chair over to the books so she could pull out whichever one she wanted! See all that nice fuzzy hair in the back - the front's still a bit bare.
He just looked so relaxed on his bed in his new Cars pajamas. He's got a nice blanket to lay on and some delicious wheat thins for a snack. He's a pretty lucky guy.
Mom and Dad found him these Cars Christmas pajamas. They are pretty awesome. They were kind of big so I rolled the waistband. Then Carter thought he was really funny and decided to pull them up as high as possible. He's my little Urkel!
Avery and Laney play with this tennis ball almost every night. Avery will "throw it for her" and Lane will bring it back. It's quite cute. Laney is very patient waiting for that ball to drop.
Carter always lets Avery play with Fillmore (the van by her hand). I think it's the easiest one for her to drive around. She's lucky to have such a nice big brother.
Carter wants to be just like his Daddy. I sometimes let him play the Ninja Turtles game while I get Avery's cereal and bottle ready at night. He's always Donatello, and he always gets bored after about 1 minute!
This picture made me laugh. It's just so random. She's sitting all funny, and she's playing with Laney's tennis ball and a Mr. Potato Head hand.
Kyle piled as many bubbles as he could on to Carterman's head the other night. He doesn't look happy at this very moment, but he thought he was pretty funny. He always gives himself a bubble beard.
Last but not least, it's a sleepy girl in her so so cute Princess pajamas from Terri Jo with her new frog that Mom and Dad got her in Bozeman. What princess doesn't need a frog?

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