Monday, November 23, 2009

Landon is 3!

Landon turned 3 on Saturday - so hard to believe he's that old! Erica had his party at Silver Bow on Sunday. It was very fun. Here's some of the guests. Avery was chilling with Aunt Nancy when Connor kept telling his mom he needs a baby sister. That's what he wants for Christmas! Nicole said no! What a meanie. By the way, thanks Nancy for the cute clothes! Jordan is so nice. She took Carter on the carousel. He decided to ride the dog. He loves that thing!
Avers did her best to get her hands on some pizza. She just thinks she's so big. She did have some crust, and she loved it!
There's the birthday boy! Kelsie got him a "grabber", and that was his favorite toy at the party. He had fun grabbing his mom as you can see.
There he is tearing into our present. He had a good time ripping wrapping paper, but he really wanted to eat his cake!
Dad picked him out this awesome Jimmy Hendrix shirt. Everyone thought that was pretty funny. I'm sure Landon will love it. Erica said she'll call it his "cool guy" shirt.
There's my little peekin' girl. She was making some silly faces at Mom and Dad. She was a very good baby at the party.
Landon has been really into Look'n'Find books lately. He got a Nemo one for his birthday. Connor and Austin were helping him. I love Austin's face in this picture!
This is an awesome Austin face too. He was sneaking up on Jordan!
Cake time! Landon thought really hard about it and told Erica he wanted a CARS cake.
I can just hear him saying, "Hey, I need that!".
Austin is waiting so patiently for his piece. The minute the cake was brought out Carter made his way over to sit by Landon!
Time to chow down for all three of them. They're very meticulous about it!
A cute picture of the other side of the table - Connor and Abb (with Kelsie in the background).
Balloon time. The whole party pretty much went to the game room to attack eachother with balloons!
There's my Ave in the game room. She's pointing like always. And of course, she managed to take off her shoes and socks. That's my girl.
Kelsie's balloon was a tad deformed. It sort of looked like a squash or in this case, a light bulb over her head.
Austin told Kelsie that this was the best birthday ever! They are all such funny boys.
Everyone attacked Abbey! It was a wonderful party - a good time was had by all!
Now for my random pictures. Here's Avery in her about to walk mode. She's taken a couple steps here and there. She showed Aunt Diane when she and Art stopped through Sunday morning. Thanks again for Carter's car!
Here's a very relaxed boy watching some Handy Manny. I just liked how he was all sprawled out.
It's the return of the cheeseface. He's such a clown. He was making his dad play ninja turtles with him.
Bath time again! She just loves it so much now. Her new favorite thing is to get in right away so she can try to catch the water from the faucet.
Carterman was being so nice the other night (in his awesome robot pj's from Terri Jo). He shared some of his cupcake with Avery. Erica brought cupcakes to daycare for Landon's birthday. They were delicious!
The boys (and the rest of us) are so happy to have Kelsie home. They love to wrestle with Auntie Kelsie. They are more effective when they attack at the same time!
Oops. I meant to have the bath pictures together. I don't know why I like this one so much. Maybe it's her cute baby face or her little hand on her belly.
Yay! Kelsie's home. Erica and I picked her up last Wednesday and Mom made a delicious dinner that night. I'm sure she'll love that I put this up. She was in her airplane clothes!
He's so silly. He thinks he knows what he's doing with the controller. He pretty much just holds it to look cool.
Here's a couple playing pics. Carter loves to put his blankets on Avers head. These are peek-a-boo pictures. The first one is peek, the second one is Boo!
She knows where her belly is, and she loves it! She's got a pretty nice round one!
Dad made three kinds of clam chowder last week. Carter decided he should sample them all. The boy really enjoys soup!

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