Monday, November 9, 2009


Here's a sweet little baby reading some books with her Auntie. She's even wearing pajamas that say "My Auntie Loves Me". Technically I bought them, but they were so cute and soft I couldn't help myself. Her Aunties love her very much so it all works.

She is an absolute nut on this Baby Einstein chair. She climbs all over it or lays there and kicks it. She pulled it over her the other day. She just has a good time!
This is not a good picture at all, but there is a funny story behind it. He was watching Hercules, who was singing, "I can go the distance" when he came sprinting out of his room. He ran up and down the hallway singing, "I gotta go down to the distance"! Kyle and I had to laugh at our silly little man.
We gotta find Avers something that feels like blue guy. She just loves to play with Carter's stuff when he's not around. She's playing peek-a-boo here. That's her favorite game right now.
Carter was being good buddies with Avery this weekend. He fed her and shared his toys. Here he is giving her a nice kiss. She's excellent at giving kisses as you can see!
You wouldn't think you could fit so much on a toddler bed, but you can obviously fit a dog, a two year old, and a 10 month old. They were all being so nice together. Then Carter started jumping, Avery held on to the side and bounced, and Laney decided she'd had enough!
What a physique, huh? She is of course, standing up and playing with my cell phone. There's really nothing better for my girl. I don't usually put up a lot of naked pictures, but she looks so cute. I love how the lampshade looks like a cool hat!
We went to Great Harvest on Saturday, and Poppa and Grandma took the boys to Emerson afterwards. Unfortunately the wind was chilly so it was a short trip. Carter did have fun though. I was tickling him here because he wouldn't smile!
There's the Landoman in his cool Toy Story hat. He had a very fun time at the playground. The boys rode back in my car though since it was so chilly. They had some rosy cheeks and noses!
This boy has a great life. He made a nice little spot for himself on the couch where he could relax and eat some Baked Lays. He's looking at me like "Really Mom. Another picture?".
Landon decided to put Disney stickers on our faces the other night. I got Sally from Cars, and Avery got the bad guy Randall from Monsters Inc. She looks way too innocent to be associated with a bad guy!
Carterman had Dory. He loves Dory. He asks for a Dory and Nemo from his vitamins every morning.
Jocko got an extra special birthday present from Ave - a wonderful kiss. She had super rosy cheeks that night. Those three teeth on top are still moving a bit, and she had a little fever. She was still charming though.
It's so hard to believe, but Jordan is 11! We had a delicious ice cream cake for her on Monday. Carter had a great time singing to her; it was very cute. We had her dinner on Wednesday - vegetable pizza, mashed potatoes, turkey, and corn. Yum!
Kyle got a couple pictures of them enjoying their bath last Sunday. It's so nice to have them have fun in there together. Carter really enjoys putting bubbles on Avery's back and head. Luckily, she seems to like it too!
It has to be a bubble bath lately, which is fine with me. They just look so funny. We had a lot of water that night. That's why Kyle and I are there!
He's such a good brother. He really is just goofy. Avery was trying to eat some bubbles, and he told her that was "really grossy". He makes me laugh all the time!
You would honestly think we don't feed this girl if you saw her chow down. She will absolutely eat anything she can get her hands on. We really have to watch her picking stuff off the floor. Anyway, I gave her some delicious stew Mom made the other night. She ate everything in about :30 seconds. You can tell her Daddy is laughing!

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