Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving fun

On Sunday, we decided to set up the tree. We knew Carter would help, and Avery would try to tear it down! Carter did enjoy trying to hang up the ornaments. He's a big fan of this football one that he's trying to bring to his room. It ended up looking very nice though.
Ave also got into the Christmas spirit. She was dancing to Have a Holly Jolly Christmas from our old pal Bumble. She was eating a Ritz cracker too. What could be better?
She's a big walkin' girl...well almost. She takes five or six steps and then crawls. She's getting pretty brave though.
I was scaring the boys while they were on the couch the other night. This is Landon's big laughing/chocolate face. I love that hair!
They were being so silly together. They drove those cars all over my parents' living room. It's so cute when they are being best buddies.
Pictures like this kill me. Carter was just being a nut and smiling like a fool. Avers is thinking what is going on? I do enjoy her big/post cereal belly though.
He has been so lovey to her lately. He told Abbey last night to "put my baby down". He likes to crawl around after her and grab her feet. He's a great big brother.
Dad and the boys were playing a fun game the other night. He would smash them between two pillows, and they would run away(Carter) and pretend to fall(Landon). They made Poppa wear the Woody hat too.
Avery has discovered how fun it is to steal the boys' juice cups and drink out of them. She throws her head back and just chugs away. She's a very silly little baby.
This picture is so strange. He was wearing the little tiny Woody hat, and then trying to put the big one over it. He was very serious about this task (as you can see by this face).
It's so nice to have Kelsie home. We went out on the town Wednesday night to visit my friend Alicia who was in from Vegas. I had to throw up a sister picture.
This was towards the end of our Thanksgiving night. Austin was being just hilarious with this guitar. You can see Kyle laughing in the background. He was making up songs like "Yummy, Yummy Bananas". He made up the name of the band too - The Readers.
The Lobb sisters posed for a picture without fighting with eachother. Yay! Just kidding girls. They both looked very beautiful.
Jordan and Nicole kindly shared some of their food with my little piggy. She was a big fan of the mashed potatoes and stuffing. So far, she's a fan of anything she can put in her mouth!
Carter's been jamming out on this piano a lot lately. Avery was trying to get in on that action too. His face is just making me laugh. He looks like he's singing.
She was looking quite gorgeous in her shiny brown pants and pink shirt. I think she'll be for sure walking by Christmas so I can put her in a dress. Crawling in a dress is quite frustrating for her. She had some rosy cheeks too because she got a new tooth on top. We're up to 6 total!
Landon looked extremely handsome on Thanksgiving. His shirt was so cute. He was being very nice and sharing his chips with Avers.
Avery has learned many new things lately. She's almost walking, she can wave, and she claps very well now.
Carter was a huge help in the kitchen Wednesday night as we tried to get some stuff prepared for the big day. Erica was cutting up vegetables for vegetable pizza, and Carter helped her by eating a few olives. Less to cut right?
He also helped Poppa with the potatoes. At first he just handed him the potatoes, but eventually he needed to try peeling.
This is not a great picture, but this is typical Carterman. Give him some carbs (pretzel sticks, ritz, club crackers, or wheat thins) and a movie, and he's set. This is how he relaxes right after daycare.
Like I said, she's a silly baby. She was having a great time rolling around on the exercise ball with Aunt Terri's help. She's a very good girl!

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