Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Almost costume time!

This is my silly girl getting all ready for her trip to Poppa's for Sunday breakfast. It was a little chilly out in the morning, so of course we had to get the bear coat and boots! She also packed up some books in her Dora backpack - you can never be too prepared.
We played outside forever on Sunday. First the boys were attacking bubbles with a robot arm and a bat. Next Carter moved to a ball pump. He looks so crazy in these pictures!
Avery decided to use a rake to catch the bubbles. She's pretty easy going. Whatever she can find to play with, she's good!
For quite awhile the boys chased bubbles - Erica and I took turns blowing them - and Ave made mud pies. It made me laugh. She was just fine off on her own, doing her own thing.
Here's one of the crazy Carter pictures. If you look closely, you can see the bubble that he's after! He looks like Captain Caveman!
These boys are so silly. They come up with some great games. As you can see Crazy Carter is wearing his boots. He just loves his plain blue boots!
We took three separate walks around the block. Ave was ready to go. She kills me on that bike. She's fine with us pushing her, but she steers back and forth like a wild woman!
She is so goofy. We went to Walmart and got some new cups for chocolate milk (which my kids are addicted to). These ones are much easier to clean. Avery loves her new Dora cups!
I love her hair in this picture. She pulled out her "pony", and this was the end result. She looks so cute reading her books by herself too.
I found her two pairs of Joe Boxer pajamas at KMart. She loves them. They are her big girl pajamas (no feet and button up)!
And now...costume time! Carterman's Flash costume came yesterday. It is so so cute! Mom got Landon a Green Lantern one also. They are the Justice League!
I absolutely love this costume. I think he looks so funny in it. He likes the head piece too. He's not a big fan of the plastic masks, and this one is just comfortable cloth. I love it! He kept saying "This is my town" from one of the many Justice League movies! Check out Ave's hair in the background too!
So far Avers has only wanted to try on the headband from her Minnie Mouse costume. I think she'll be fine on Halloween when everyone is dressed up though. It's a good start - she looks pretty cute!
Mom and Dad picked her up this purple witch's hat at Target. It's perfect for her little head! She looks like she's casting a spell on me!
Two more costumes...why not? Lando really wants to be Raphael. I think Carter is going to be the Flash, but we better have Leo just in case. I love how Lando's hair sticks over the top of the mask - he has the best hair. They were saying "Cowabunga" here!
These ninja turtle costumes are very detailed - check out those muscles! They've got arm bands, knee bands, different color shells, and the masks are pretty sweet. I like Leo's toothy smile. Leo in this picture has a Green Lantern ring on also - a little added defense!

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