Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall is Fabulous

They are such funny little boys. We (Me, Carter, Erica, Lando, Jordan, and Grandma) went to the Grant Kohrs Ranch in Deer Lodge on Sunday for a big Halloween event. It was a ton of fun! The boys were pretty wore out when we left. Landon was pretending to sleep on Carter. Carter really fell asleep about two seconds later.

They liked to run up ahead of us on the trail, hide behind the fence, and scare us! They are too cute to be really scary. By the way, my poor Ave was passed out at home. She's had a miserable sinus and ear infection that's been keeping her up at night. She finally slept through the night last night.

Erica tried some antlers on the boys. Lookin' good!
We went on a fun little hayride while we were there. Sorry Jordo. Mom didn't catch you looking on this one! Carter loved it. He thought we should ride out to see the cows.
Waiting for the tractor to come pick us up took a while. Luckily there were things to climb and explore.
This was such a nice setup. You brought a food or money donation to get in, and they had so much stuff to do. Carter really enjoyed snack time (hot cocoa and a sugar cookie)!
I'm pretty sure the hay maze was their favorite thing. We went back to it about three times! Here they are posing after they made it through. Thank goodness we had Jocko. Half the time the two of them were on opposite ends of the maze!
A pretty bad picture of them roasting marshmellows. Lando ate his - Carter lit his on fire! The people there were making popcorn over the fire and old-fashioned apple cider too. Very cool.
These pictures are all out of order. This is when we were walking in...before Mom's camera died. Carter loves to use Mom's camera, which makes me nervous.
The boys liked the tipi's. Carter looked like he was going to pull the thing down!
Another picture in the hay maze. It was a pretty tall one. Sometimes all I could see was the top of their heads! We stationed people at both exits.
The boys also tried out throwing horse shoes. It was pretty funny. Carter threw one, and then just walked up and put it around the stake! Lando actually threw a ringer! They both got to pick a prize.
There's my monkey man trying to climb in to see the horses. He fed three of the horses there. They were very pretty and gentle with the hundreds of kids around. All in all a great day. Good idea Grandma!
My silly boy after preschool last week. It was show and tell day. He brought his Batman toy, wore a Batman shirt and Batman underwear! Erica told me one of the boys in the class said Carter always has cool toys!
Finally a picture of my little Boo Bear! I took the three goofballs to practice with me last Wednesday. I knew we had an open court that day. They were so funny. They found all these cones that the gym class must have been using. They were a big hit - I love Ave's ears!
All three of the nuts together. Landon and Carter kept saying, "We are candy corn heads"!
They played and played. Carter helped our libero shag volleyballs. He told me later, "I gotta give that Alex girl a pretzel cracker". He's a pretty nice guy.
Last but not least, my goofballs playing with Uncle Kyle. They were up on the back of the couch and Kyle was throwing pillows at them. It sounds dangerous, but Kyle missed on purpose. Avery's face kills me. They are silly silly kids!

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