Monday, May 16, 2011

3 months old!

There's my boy in all his glory after a bath. He has a lovely belly and some cool blue eyes. They almost have a little white around the middle. He enjoys a good hand to suck on too!
Carter and Avery got some cute little tiny pillow pets that match their big ones from Abb, Terri, and Jord on Easter. Carter let Teague lay on his little one. I love Carter's face in this! Teague was staring at the Pixar poster.
Avery just loves her brother. She gives him loves like this all the time. She always gets really close and calls him Teagie Beagie.
I went over and visited my friend Cristin last week. Her little guy, KR, was born on St. Patrick's Day, and he's huge! He's already growing out of 6 month clothes. He was a happy little guy.
We had a couple pretty nice days here last week. On Thursday, these two wore their Avengers shirts from Grandma Patsy with no coats! They were so excited.
Teague has been super smily lately. Sometimes it's hard to catch one though because his hands are always right by his mouth! He seriously tries to eat the entire fist at times.
Look Kelsie - short sleeves! He finally got to wear this cute cute outfit. I love it!
My boy was 3 months old on Friday the 13th. I can't believe the time is passing so quickly. He's so cute - he has about 4 dimples!
I like this picture of Carterman and Teague. Carter loves to sit with him. He's already such a good big brother to Avery, luckily he's great to Teague too! Teague's hands make me laugh in this one.
Lando jumped in there too. All the boys together - I'm sure they'll be great pals. It will be so funny to see Teague trying to keep up with them.
All the kiddos! Ave is really getting serious about potty training and picking out her clothes. She found some white 12 month pants that got put in the wrong drawer and some black socks to go with them. Gorgeous!
I love these little stickers that Nikki (Foley) Edmundson got for us. I love to see how much he's changed every month, and how much he reminds me of baby Carter.
We went to the Law Enforcement Parade on Saturday morning. It was really neat. It was uptown and had policemen and highway patrolmen from all over Montana. Carter thought it was so cool that every cop was waving to him and flashing their lights! We parked right by the library so we went in for awhile. They had this cool boat that the kids loved. Carter made up an awesome pirate song about it. Thank goodness Jordan was with me because Teague just slept in my arms the whole time!
There's Ave giving her brother loves again. She likes to lean all the way into the bouncer for some kisses!
And lastly, Abbey Jean and Teague. They took a nice little nap together on the couch last night. Then he woke up and drooled all over her shoulder. Good stuff!

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