Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Graduation, Dancing, and Swimming - Oh My!

My girl is super fashionable - nightgown, sandals, jacket. She knows she looks good!

Just a picture of my silly big boy. He's such a nice guy.
Mr. Teague in the bath. Bathtime goes just fine if he has a whole fist in his mouth. He loves to suck on his fingers! There are usually 2,3, or 4 in his mouth at a time!
This picture looks like he's so tired, he has to block the light from his eyes. Poor baby!
What a handsome fella! These striped pants made his little chubby legs look fabulous. I found him some awesome brown bear slippers to wear too - what a fashion plate!
My Carterman had his preschool graduation last Wednesday. Technically he didn't graduate since he's there for another year, but they had a lovely recital. They sang - Carter danced like a madman. He wasn't shy at all! We took a video, but at 15 minutes it's a little long for the blog.
I think he was pointing at Kyle right before they got started. Auntie Erica did a great job with her class. They were so cute and very smart. Carter and a couple of the other boys did some modified break dancing - I could not stop laughing!
He marched up with great enthusiasm to get his diploma! I had no idea my Carter Robert was such a ham!
The graduate in his best dinosaur shirt with his cap and diploma!
Lando had his graduation the next day. He was fantastic and was probably the best dancer in his class. So cute!
Yay! Callie got to come over from Missoula to watch her buddies Abb and Jord perform. They were awesome as usual, and we always love to see Callie.
The kiddos had a good time with her too. She got to meet little Teague for the first time, and Avery and Carter were their usual goofy selves. We miss you Cal!
Erica, Little Kyle, Nicole, and I went to the brewfest on Friday night. It was a fundraiser for Dynamic Dance, so Jordan and her dance friend Molly watched the kids for us. We had lots of fun. I was greeted by my sweet sleepy baby when we came back!
This boy was looking quite stretchy and long in these awesome lion pjs from Kelsie. Love it!
He looks like he's saying "What?" in this picture!
We went swimming for the first time in quite awhile on Saturday. Ave wore a gorgeous new bikini from Grandma Burgman. They had so much fun - we stayed in the pool for over an hour. Teague slept and had a bottle with Daddy.
I stole this picture from Erica's blog. It's got Teague in the background, then all the swimming boys: Carter,
Austin, Landon, and Connor. Part of Jordan is there too! We had a good time all together at the YMCA!
Then all 11 of us went to Arctic Circle - yum! The kids were all so good. Nicole's boys just love babies - they thought Teague was pretty cute. He gave them some big smiles too!
Lounging at home with Avery and her little buddy. She loves to scoot down next to him and talk and talk.
There's a nice little Teague smile. He smiles all the time now, but it's hard to catch one. The minute he sees the camera he just stares at it. He's fascinated by that little blue camera.
Last but not least (a lot of pictures since it was late!), an action bath photo. They love to squirt eachother with the sea serpent. Ave has some awesome hair in this one too. We might actually be headed for a first haircut soon!

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