Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another week of winter...boo.

Here's a short little video of Carter and Avery dancing after we watched Despicable Me (very funny movie). The butt shaking at the very beginning is the best. Ave has an awesome headband on too.

These goofballs were singing some Disney songs on the Wii (Carter's doing Hakuna Matata, Landon's rendition of Reflection from Mulan is gorgeous!)- they also did some dancing to Michael Jackson. I had a video that was so funny and somehow it got deleted from my camera. Very sad. I even made Carter stop being nude to take it!
Teague is starting to kind of enjoy tummy time. He got this cool mirror for Easter, and he really likes staring at himself. I like how you can see one of his blue eyes in the mirror.
What a physique! He's not out of 3 month clothes so he's not too big of a guy. He does have some nice thighs, a little belly, and that double chin though!
Carter was being wrapped up like a burrito by Daddy, and Avery decided to tackle him. She is such a little goofball, and she just loves both her brothers.
Erica left her sunglasses at Mom and Dad's house, and Ave wore them all night! She was looking very fashionable!
Avery looks totally nuts here, but this does show what a great sister she is. She also picked out her own outfit that day - her Legolas shirt with zebra pants. She's very independent while her brothers are both very dependent!
Here's a very silly grin! He's starting to give people some big smiles every day now.
I can't look at this picture without laughing. She's got the eyebrows up and the cheeks hanging down! This is what happens when your stir crazy and can't go outside.
Doesn't she look like a movie star here? She's just too cool to smile for the camera with her little brother.
We don't have a ton of pictures this week. It was quiet until Sunday when we went to Reece's birthday party. These three all sat on the carousel together. Ave got dressed up too in her beautiful Christmas day outfit from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness. I'm so glad she got to wear it again!
Two crazy boys in the dragster together. Teague was excellent at the party. He smiled, had a bottle, and took a nap.
Poppa and Carter were bringing the Easter baskets downstairs to store them for next year, but why not wear them as hats? They are definitely pals!
Carter is a very helpful big brother. He did a good job making sure Teague stayed warm in his bath. I love his smile in this picture! Hopefully no one is offended by Teague's little parts showing.

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