Monday, October 3, 2011

Fun Fall

Lando's turn for bath time with Teague! I like that the big kids are all excited to have their time with the baby in the bath. They are all usually so nice to eachother.
Look at this little maniac! He thinks he is a really big boy who can go anywhere he wants to now...and he pretty much can!
He loves this bouncer now than he ever did when he was strapped in. It's much cooler to just check it out from the bottom. Ave was reading books to him, but he wasn't paying much attention. He's a man of action now!
My poor girl threw up at daycare on Wednesday. I took the afternoon off, and we hung out. We played Hi Ho CherryO, Candyland, and Sorry. We also colored. It was kind of a fun day! I like how she's wearing Erica's headband backwards too.
3 clean kids after a bath. They're pretty cute I think!
I just really like his silly little face in this picture!
Isn't weird how water bottles are the funnest toy ever for dogs and babies? Teague had so much fun switching this from hand to hand and turning it all around...and drooling on it of course!
Ave is really the best sister a boy could ask for. She just loves Mr. Teagle Beagle. Here she is tickling him, and they were both laughing and laughing.
What a nice Daddy! Even though he hates the smell of nail polish, he painted Ave's toenails for her while I was feeding Teague.
We went to Great Harvest Saturday morning for breakfast. Teague loved his bites of pancake. He's starting to get the hang of chewing stuff.
Ave looked magnificent while she ate her breakfast and Carter's leftovers! She wanted to wear her princess dress up clothes and one of my headband things. She got many compliments!
It was such a beautiful day. We were going to go swimming, but it's October already and still nice! We better get to Clark's Park while we can.
Teague was not sure about the grass at first. Then he decided to try and eat some sticks and leaves - that's always fun!
3 kids on the tire swing. It's perfect - they balance eachother out nicely.
What a happy little guy I have!
These striped pajamas from Terri Jo are hilarious - I love them!
The legs crossed are cute too! Time to go for the dog toys!
The full outfit - she is such a silly girl. This is what she told me the other morning, "Mom when I color for a super long time, I lose all my energy". Then she ate a gogurt to get the energy back!
We went to Cormac's 1st birthday party at East. Mr. Foley had the gym all set up with tons of things for little kids to play with. They all had a good time. So did the adults - we played volleyball!
There's the birthday boy with Nikki. He did a great job on his pumpkin cake - I missed his smile though!
Grandma and Poppa came back from Yellowstone with some cool stuff for the kids. You can't tell, but Carter's flashlight can make a moose, a bear, a wolf, or an owl. It's pretty cool. He loved it!

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