Monday, October 10, 2011

Just a few...

If you haven't noticed, when Carter's with Teague the bath is blue - with Landon the bath is red - and with Ave the bath is this lovely yellow urine/pickle juice color. All  their favorite colors of course! They had a really good time though. Look at his big dimple smile!
Mom found this awesome hat and shirt for Ave at Target when she was there for a coding conference. The shirt glows in the dark - very cool. She looks hilarious in this hat too. I still am not sure what to do for her about Halloween. We have a cute bee costume, but she told me bees are mean. So then she wanted to be a witch (I thought they were mean too but what do I know?), and her latest idea is a girl tree. I asked her what a girl tree is, and she explained to me like I was incredibly stupid that it's a brown tree. What?
She made me put eight ponytails in her hair the other day. She looked really cute actually - she can pull it off!
My little Teaguers loves when Auntie Erica tickles him. He laughs and laughs. Ave loved this shirt on him too (from Auntie Kelsie). We watched ET a couple weeks ago, and she talks a lot about ET and Elliot.
Look at her outfit! She did not want to get out of her pajamas on Friday, but her pants were wet. So pajama shirt, Minnie mouse pants, crazy hair, and her yellow fast shoes. She went to KMart like this with Erica and me. Luckily she was wearing a coat so no one could really see the craziness!
I found Carter some Dinosaur Train pajamas at KMart. He loves them! They are pretty funny - especially the feet. I like this picture of all the boys hanging out together Saturday morning.
Teague's new favorite toys are the buckets in Carter and Ave's room. He just likes to sit there and completely empty them one toy at a time (see all the cars by his feet). He's very methodical. He has to get the job done.
Grandma got the Halloween decorations out. Ave was in heaven. She loved all of them...the little ceramic ET by the Haunted House, all the window stickers, and the Happy Halloween banner. She liked this little headband too! She's very excited for Trick or Treating!
Kind of a washed out picture of her putting up the window stickers. She even remembered how to spell BOO (because it was on the butt of Teague's pajamas the day before)!
I  really don't have many pictures. We had a bunch of sick kids. It seems like everyone has a cold/ear infection. Teague really doesn't like his medicine either! He does like food however, puffs especially that he can grab off the table in his hippo seat.
Last but not least, crazy Carter and Kyle. They were wrestling (actually all the kids were attacking him) half the night. When I tried to get a picture, Carter kept covering up Kyle's face with his head. It was pretty funny. Look at Ave checking out more Halloween stuff in the background.

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