Monday, October 31, 2011

Lots of fun!

Teague plays so hard now that when he crashes, he really crashes! He is just a very busy little baby!
This picture makes me laugh. Carter looks so happy, and Ave is doing her whiny face. "I don't want to get my hair washed first!". I'm pretty sure that's what was going on!
Landon and Carter are getting very brave about getting their faces wet. They both were dumping water on their heads that night.
Happy Teague in the crazy yellow water - I think we have a picture almost exactly like this from a couple weeks ago!
I Love this pose! She totally looks like a rock star!
The family band. They were really jamming out the other night. It was pretty awesome! Erica took a video I think. If she did, I'll steal it from her blog later!
There's the singer. He really does love the sound of his voice in those microphones. I took a video just last night, so it will be on next week's blog. He's a very talkative guy lately!
Mr. Naked Boy went all the way up the stairs the other night. Sometimes he stops for a rest - guess it's time to put the gate up again!
Every once in a while Carter and Ave like to watch a movie together at bed time. I was in there turning off the movie when Carter rolled over and put his arm over her. How cute is that?
4 crazy kids at Poppa's house. Teague decided he really likes pear juice (as you can see from his shirt - he was trying to chug the whole cup down!).
Ave sat behind him...just in case he fell over. What a helpful sister, and what a lucky little brother!
Time to model our new winter hats - We had a couple of freezing cold windy days last week. Here's the Frog!
Here's a handsome big boy!
Here's a gorgeous pink puppy dog!
Mom got a toy magazine in the mail on Saturday. These two spent about two hours looking at everything in there. They've decided they want...everything in there. They even brought it to dinner to keep browsing!
She was thinking about wearing some of her bumblebee stuff to a birthday party on Sunday. She did change her mind eventually. I'm just glad she's finally agree to be a bumblebee for Halloween! I was getting worried.
It was Brooklyn Zahler's first birthday. The big kids (Ave, Carter, Landon, Reese, and Riley) all go to daycare together. They enjoyed the Minnie Mouse cake.
Brooklyn was too cute! She had a Minnie Mouse tutu on and tried to feed Geah most of her cake. It was a fun party.
Last but not least, yesterday was gorgeous! I really hope we can go outside for a little trick-or-treating. We'll see. Teague had a nice stroller ride to the park and had a fabulous time crawling in the grass. What a good little man I have!

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