Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin fun!

I teased Erica about stealing a picture I stole one from her. This bubble bath one is just so cute. Look at those faces!

Another bath picture. Teague decided to have an extremely dirty diaper the other night. So dirty that we tried the sink bath for the first time. He loved it! He couldn't even look he was so busy splashing!
I love this picture. Teague is pulling himself up on everything! It's even better when you pull yourself up and see your big brother smiling at you!
We went to bring Michael Peck a late birthday present. All the kids had a great time playing together. Teague was especially happy!
All the kids playing together - Mike, Shamus, Avery, Molly, Teague, and Carter. Ave is way back with Molly's shopping cart. It was hard to get them to sit still - they really played well!
Mom got him these hilarious "Lil Devil" pajamas. The feet absolutely kill me. As you can see my busy guy has a little bruise on his head. He tried to climb the bookshelf at daycare and had a bonk!
This is his "I'm coming to get you" face. I love it - so sneaky!
Mom found these glasses at Safeway - there were about four pairs actually. They are hilarious! Avery loved them.
I almost forgot to take a picture of Teague on the 13th. So instead of a crazy, crawling guy, we have a sleepy guy. I can't believe he's 8 months old already!

On Sunday, we went to Deer Lodge for the Grant Kohr's Ranch Pumpkin Festival. It was so much fun, although it was very rainy. We went to the Pumpkin Patch first - Lando picked out a great one!
Ave picked out one just her size. I was so happy my girl got to go this year! Last year she was sick. I was happy we got pumpkins too. Last year they were completely gone when we arrived.
It was a perfect day for raincoats! Carter was so distracted by a giant pile of hay that he couldn't bother to look at me. There were a lot of people there despite the weather.
Mr. Teague would not leave anything on his head. We thought he was going to be miserable in the rain, but he was so happy. He made his happy little Teague sounds the whole time we were there!
These three were so funny while we were waiting for our tractor hay ride. All of a sudden there were hugs all around!
Super buds! That's what they kept saying. This whole weekend they just played and played and played!
The hay maze was a huge hit. The boys loved it. Ave got scared (because some older kids were pushing and running and almost knocked her over...while their parents watched...nice), but she went through with me and loved it too!
The carnival games were lots of fun. There was ring toss, horseshoes, fishing, and this beanbag toss. Lando made his on the third try. Carter took a bit longer since he was underhand throwing at first!
Ave won a cool red frog on the fishing game - Landon won a yellow bracelet - and Carter won a purple dinosaur. Yay!
Pumpkin painting time! What a cute picture of Erica and Landon!
A family picture...where only Teague looks good. Oh well!
Carter's pumpkin had every color on it. Ave stuck to purple, yellow, and pink. Grandma painted one for Teague with his name and a tiny ghost.
Ave was proud of her handiwork. She is the most careful painter you'll ever see. So fun!
Last but not least, we swung by McDonalds where Teague got a nice kiss from the best sister around. What a great day!

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