Monday, October 24, 2011

Just chillin'

Teague doesn't usually mind hats on his head. This is the one he was supposed to wear in Deer Lodge last week. Hopefully this bodes well for the Halloween costume!
It was orange day at daycare last Wednesday. Poor Ave is growing out of all her 2T clothes so she wore Carter's old dino shirt. It worked! Minus Carter's goofy face, this is pretty cute!
Teague's favorite thing right now is to get hold of a magazine and rip! Luckily Avery didn't see him rip up her doll magazine. It was only one page before I caught him.
Carter hardly ever just stands there for me anymore. He's getting so big, and of course so handsome!
Ave and Grandma colored some window stickers together. They look lovely. Ave is a very careful colorer as you can see!
All of a sudden my boy decided he could write his name. This is his first try. Not bad! He wrote it for Jordan the next day 10 times! I'm just glad he wants to. He'd much rather be playing.
Erica said she would print a coloring page of whatever the kids wanted off the computer. Landon picked Ultimate Humongasaur (from Ben 10), Carter went with a shark, and Ave picked a refridgerator! I think it's because Dad said he wanted a cement truck. She's just makes me laugh! She told me she wanted one like ours...with the freezer on top!
Before swimming...with his lovely rolls!
After swimming...totally passed out. Swimming wears a cute baby man out!
Yesterday my friends Michelle (who was in from Vegas) and Ritter came over. We had so much fun! So did the kids. They get along so well. We could hear them back in Ave's room just laughing and laughing. Carter and Madisyn were silly. Carter was making "sugar wood pies" (whatever those are), and Madisyn was pretending to throw "30 hundred thousand" of them at me!
Mason is my little buddy. He's just so sweet. He came and sat on my lap for awhile. He brought me many cups of coffee too, sometimes it was "fockee" which made me laugh!
Teague had a great time watching everyone and doing puzzles. He was a Mama's boy though and wouldn't let anyone else hold him. He had fun on the Cars train tracks. He was being the Teagie Monster and snatching everyone's cars off the rails!
Last but not least, a nice hug goodbye. My kids were passed out about two seconds after everyone left. All that playing finally caught up with them. What a fun day!

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