Monday, January 9, 2012

The Big Party!

Last Sunday when we got home, Ave opened the present from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness. She was so excited that she didn't even take her coat off! Here she is showing off some Snow White figures for her castle.
This is what Carter's room looks like now. Actually we got the stuffed animals up in a net. It's kind of a entertainment room now. They can eat lunch at the picnic table or draw while they watch a movie. And...Teague can crawl on everything and scare the crap out of Kyle and me!
These are the new bunk beds. They are pretty nice. A good purchase so far! I like how you can see Ave's 3 pillows and 3 pillow pets!
We've let Teague hang out on the top bunk a couple times. He thinks he's the coolest biggest boy ever when he's up there!
Oh yeah! He's a big man!
On Friday, I wanted to get the kids out of the house. We went to the park at the hospital for about a half an hour and then had dinner at Dairy Queen (what a treat!).
Pink bath time! We love those color changers! Teague just absolutely loves a good bath. He will stay in there forever.
He loves a good bath toy too. I just am so glad to have a happy guy...that may all change when those teeth finally come in! His poor gums are swollen.
He's always wearing a bib now. It catches some of the drool! This was when we first got to the Pizza Parlor for Ave's party. Teaguers rode the rocket while chewing on the handle of Ave's hairbrush - what fun!
I tried to get pictures of the guests, but I know I missed some (like Carter and Conner). It was a busy, fun party. Here's the Zahler family - headless Eric, Geah, baby Brooklyn, and Reese.
Baby Liam is the cutest little thing. He loved the Pizza many lights and noises to check out!
Some of the boys. These three (Josh, Landon, and Austin) got along great!
Kathi brought her boys over from Bozeman. It was great to see them! They are such nice kids, and I love Luke's big brown eyes!
Present time! Ave was good about opening her many, many presents. She sat up on a chair (like a queen) and took her time with every one.
She looked beautiful too. Her outfit from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness (who kindly made the trip down - thank you so much!) is gorgeous. She got very spoiled. What a lucky little girl to have such great friends and family!
Her Tangled cake was awesome. Hopefully someone else got a better picture of it. She placed all the candles herself (they were all yellow of course).
I love my Boo Bear! Thanks again to everyone. She loved everything, and we appreciate everyone joining us for her party!

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