Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My baby girl is 3!

The kids have had so much fun with all their new Christmas stuff. Teague is playing with a cool remote control car from Ken (it's awesome, you just touch the top and it goes!), and Ave is reading a new book in some new owl pjs and new owl slippers. So cute.
Teagie loves his new dinosaur pillow pet. I don't think he knows it's his, but he loves to crawl on it!
Carter and Avery have enjoyed her princess castle. Carter puts his Ben 10 guys in there. It's nice to see Snow White and Cinderella mingling with some aliens!
Mom and Dad got her this lovely Tangled dress and wig. Beautiful! She absolutely loves dressing up. We got her a Disney dress-up trunk for her birthday. She tried on all four outfits right away!
I had all three kids napping at one time on Friday! What was I to do? It was so quiet...the answer is fold mass quantities of laundry (while I tried not to laugh too loud at my Parks and Rec DVDs). I lead an exciting life!
These crazy kids decided to make a pile of every blanket and pillow they could find at Grandma and Poppa's house. Teague absolutely loved it! The big kids were nice about letting him scale the pile at his own pace.
Room for all four!
The big boys - they are so cute! My Carter has been so sweet lately. He's just a nice boy who tells me how much he's going to miss me every day before I go to work! I just love him.
Teague decided to start walking on my birthday last week! What a great present! He's so careful. Mom said that's how I used to walk too. Hands out, nice and slow, no bad falls so far (one bonk off the coffee table at our house though). I can't believe how big he's getting.
We went to get Ave a twin bed for her birthday. We ended up getting bunk beds! We should have never taken the kids! Actually, they are nice. Kyle and Poppa set them up in Ave's room Saturday. Lando stayed over that night, and they all slept on the bottom together!
She's 3! Actually she told me she wasn't three until she got her cake. She picked out this outfit to wear on Sunday. Her new Kratt Brothers shirt and a beautiful skirt. She also made some silly faces for me. She's such a ham!
Okay, now she's 3! It's hard to believe. She still seems so tiny to me. Although, she talks like she's 14! She wanted candles that said Happy Birthday, and then also three princess candles. Thanks Terr, Abb, and Jord for the beautiful Tiana cake.
Teague loved the candles. He tried to kick right out of Abbey's arms!
A little Avery dance!
Can you tell she's quite proud to be 3!
Everybody loved the cake...especially Teague! The big party is next weekend. New Year's is a tough day for a party.

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