Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Very random - just chilling.

We haven't gone swimming in awhile. For some reason, our Saturday mornings have been busy. So these guys were super excited to go! Can you tell?
Teague had a great time too! He loves the water. He splashes and splashes. He also looks amazing in his swim trunks...check out that body!
Teague played with his friend KR at the basketball game on Thursday. They were pretty cute together. Teague brought a ball for them to share!
My silly Ave on Sunday morning with her babies (Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Tiana, Cinderella, Snow White, Tangled, Vector Sandwich, and Soft Belle). Big Baby was there too, but she had already been "concentrated". According to Avery, you pick a baby, dance with it, jump once, and then they can sit against the wall because they have been "concentrated". We need to find a better term!
These three have been playing very well together lately (they've been on a Backyardigans kick - a show on Nickelodeon they all like!). Here they are riding the Kyle-horse. Look at those cheesy grins!
Teagie's been wearing a bib almost all the time now. He is super drooly and messy as you can see. There's more teeth coming. I can see them!
This is Teague's favorite toy in the whole world - a mini basketball. Every single night he carries this around! He looks so sweet and handsome in this picture.
A pile of pillows always brings the kids together. This is probably their favorite thing to do. Teague especially - he runs to the pile!
Teague's new thing is to roll backwards on everything. He throws his head back...and hopefully there is a pillow or my hand to catch the silly boy!
Snack time! Teaguers could eat multi-grain cheerios for every meal!
These two have been super nice lately...getting over those sinus infections helped. They both just love their brother too. They chase him, play peek-a-boo, and give him loves. They are excellent big siblings!
Carter wanted to take pictures with my camera last night. This is one of his pictures! Doesn't Poppa look thrilled to be correcting finals?
The three of them played very well last night. I tried to get one of them all smiling...didn't really succeed. Still  cute though!
Lastly, Teague found his tongue. He was having a good time sticking it out and singing, "La, la, la, la"!

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