Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random fun times

Here's my Ave doing some hang-gliding. She's been watching a lot of Go Diego Go lately, and she was off to save some animal. I like how she put on a jacket. She told me, "It gets cold in the sky."! She's too smart!
This is not a good picture at all. It was supposed to be a video. Carter has been making "inventions" lately. His latest, which you can barely see over by Kyle, could make any food in the world using only bread, jelly, and meatballs. Kyle asked for Creme Brulee, and Carter made him a Creme Brulee sandwich!
I love this picture! It was a complete lucky shot, but it is so cute. That's her new princess shirt we got her for her birthday. 10 sparkly princesses (technically they are not all princesses but whatever), what could be better?
Ave loves to hang out next to her brother and have a Cheerio snack before dinner. They are quite funny together. He just lights up when he sees her.
Carter makes me laugh. "Rath" was climbing the castle. He finds a way to bring his toys and Ave's together!
We met Madisyn and Mason out at the jumparoo for Madisyn's birthday (she turned 5 on the 7th). The kids had a blast!
They tried to get Mason to be as crazy as they are, but he was a bit more careful! I was just glad Landon and Carter stuck close to Ave. That place was crazy that day. Some kid was climbing on top of stuff (which you are not supposed to do) and fell right on Ave's head. Luckily she recovered quickly. I'm that mean Mom who doesn't let the kids run up the slides!
They had so much fun. They played non-stop for a good hour and a half!
I just love this kid. He's my little buddy, and he's just the nicest little boy!
It's hard to believe these three will be in kindergarten next year. It goes way too fast!
How cute are these two? Future prom dates as Ritter likes to say!
Abbey is 16! Wow! Ave helped her open some presents (including this lovely enchanted Rose from Erica). Beauty and the Beast is Abb's favorite movie. On a side note, we just found this outfit for Ave from Nancy in the green room closet. It was lost in the Christmas shuffle. It's beautiful! The pants kill me...Ave calls it her wedding dress.
I busted out some old Albertson's bakery skills to write on Abb's cake, which was delicious! I can't believe I was 15 when she was born. Ahhh...I'm old!
Last but not least, Mr. Teagie-pie was 11 months old on Abb's birthday. He just got a tooth a couple days ago too, and he's a walking fool! I can't believe he's almost a year old...just can't believe it.

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