Tuesday, June 26, 2012

An awesome summer week!

Carl and Jenny came in for their summer vacation. They went straight to Yellowstone for a few days with Mom and Dad, but when they came back...it was game night. As usual we laughed and laughed all night long!
It has been so hot lately! Look at my Teagie-Pie basking in the sunshine - he's staying hydrated at least!
These two especially love the new playhouse. I caught them peeking in from the bench.
A nice front view - it's so cute!
I believe Carter and Landon were ordering from Avery - she makes a delicious mud pie!
This was the Carter ear injury that he received on game night. The spaz jumped into a bookshelf - it bled a ton and bruised pretty good. Poor guy.
Teague loves Erica's sunglasses - if she sets them down for a minute, he's got them on!
He is the messiest kid. If the hose is on, he manages to soak his shoes completely (and usually his head too). He loves it though. That's what baths are for I guess.
We had a feast for Carl and Jenny's last night - steaks, salmon, scallops, risotto, and cauliflower with pancetta and capers...MMM! Teague did not want his raviolis that night - he stole one of my scallops, then moved on to the risotto and cauliflower. He finished by gnawing on a steak bone! It's amazing he doesn't weight 40 pounds!
We always have tons of fun with Carl and Jenny - you can tell by Dad's face!
He's finally full!
A 2012 family picture - Ave and Teague are looking off in the distance somewhere. Still a good one! We miss Kelsie of course...
I had to put this one up. We had a pinecone fight after the picture. Ave likes to get pretty close and jump when she throws! Erica and I could not stop laughing at Erica's pretend scared face!
Saturday was ridiculously hot - 91 I think. We ended up heading to the Splash Pad. They had to check it out before they ventured in.
Poor Teague fell asleep on the way there. He woke up and had a blast though. Grandma and Grandpa Barsness were in town for the weekend. They went on the Dust to Dazzle tour that afternoon. Butte has some awesome houses uptown!
These two thought they could stand behind the giant bucket and watch it dump out...it swings back though too! They were completely soaked!
Teague loved the water. He was right in the middle splashing from the moment he woke up!
Carterman had a great time. Ave was a bit more cautious. It was still a great day for it!
Afterwards, we made sure to go on all four colors of horsey swings. Everyone had a good time on those!
Later that night - Tropical Snow! My kids are obsessed with that place. Callie came in for the night (Yay!). Avery had a fabulous time with her!
Carter and Daddy enjoying their shaved ice.
Sunday was another scorcher! We decided to pack up and head over to Philipsburg. We all had heard that it's an awesome little place to visit...and it was! Teague would not look at me!
That candy shop in Philipsburg (The Sweet Palace) was amazing! I have never seen so much candy. These two are this weird before sugar...imagine what they were like after!
There is no getting all 3 to look at me. If I do...it's a happy accident!
We stopped at a nice little Cafe which had fabulous ice cream treats. Ave went with the chocolate ice cream cone.
Teague sucked down more than half of my shake!
Carter had a tasty sundae. Bre is in the background there - it was great to see her! It's so hard for me to believe that she and Abbey Jean will be juniors next year...upper classmen!
What kid doesn't like a good stool to twirl around!
Last but not least, we played at this awesome playground by the school. It was huge! It was set up to look like a jail, bank and mineyard all rolled into one. They had a blast! Thank you so much Carl, Jenny, Dick, Diana, Callie, and Breanne. We had a great week of family time!

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