Monday, July 2, 2012

Lots of fun outdoors!

They looked so cute in their summer pajamas - I had to attempt to get a picture! "Attempt" being the key word there!
Poor Mr. Teague "sprained" his ankle last Monday. There wasn't much we could do about it, just try to make him rest and wear an ace bandage. Luckily by Thursday, he was as good as new! Carter and Ave were really good about bringing him toys so he didn't have to crawl. He looks happy with his ball and bandage!
I tried to keep it elevated while he was sleeping!
And now, we're back to good. Standing on a chair eating chocolate ice cream - he's got the life!
We took a couple nice long walks in the perfect weather this weekend. Carter and Landon were liking their big boy bikes (Carter rode his the next day).
This buggy is awesome - we love it. I like that the handle is really long. Even Poppa can push it without hurting his back.
There is a whole lot of switching on a long walk. I like this action shot of Ave and Jordo. Ave has a bigger bike too, but she likes to go ridiculously fast on this one. She's a maniac!
Made it down to the ducks - what an awesome sky!
Teague ate a piece of bread for every one he threw to the ducks. I guess he needs to fuel up to be the busiest kid I've ever seen!
We had some Jordan bonding time. She, Abb, Terr, and Ken headed down to Vegas for the big dance competition. We always miss them every other year on the 4th of July!
Mr. Helpful gave Avery a push. I was impressed that she didn't start crazy pedalling and knock him over.
Now he'll walk the dog for a bit...he kills me.
It's hard to get a good picture of the's just too big! Here are a few of our pretty flowers. They kids are really good about helping me water and weed.
Kyle is working graveyard now, so on the weekends we try to get up and out of the house. We had a nice picnic at McGruff park. We were trying to think of a park we haven't been to for awhile. McDonalds is what they pick every Saturday...typical kid thing.
Teague liked these little pictures of fruits and vegetables. I'm glad he didn't try to eat any of them!
This girl is a monkey! She was hanging on to that first one, swinging her legs through the next two loops, and then bending backwards as far as she could!
This is how she "winks"!
King Carter guarded the fort and was very helpful with Teague when he was up there!
We went to Brave on Saturday out at the drive-in in Mom and Dad's new car. It was a great movie! Avery, Carter, and Landon stayed awake through the whole thing. This was on the way home. Thank you Terri for watching Teague!
Teague and Ave were having a good time in the Bumpo chair yesterday. They like to walk backwards and fall into it. Sometimes the littlest things amuse them!

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