Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

He was letting Avery and Carter play "This Little Piggy" on his toes. He likes to tickle himself and say "Wee wee wee wee wee". He loves little songs and nursery rhymes.
Teagie gives the best bedtime kisses. He never misses giving Carter and Avery some nice slobbery loves!
I'm not even sure what he was doing here - dancing probably. He just looks so cute in his summer shorts!
This is what happens when you forget to put the lid on the sandbox...and it rains. 3 muddy children having a delightful time getting dirty!
Ave just makes me laugh - unless she's making me scream. I believe she's the very definition of "sassy".
Heading out for a beautiful bike and buggy ride. Ave is a maniac on that thing. I guess we should take the back handle off it sometime!
Mom finally talked Dad into getting a playhouse for their yard. It's awesome. It has a bay window, shutters that open, a doorbell, phone, sink, stove, bench,'s so cool! The kids love it. Dad, Kyle, and Kyle did a fantastic job putting it together.
Saturday swim time again! When Kyle has a Saturday off, we always try to go swimming. It's sort of impossible with only one parent. This is a great picture!
Poor Teague has a bruise on his face from falling in the front yard (he runs everywhere now), and a big mosquito bite on his forehead. Luckily neither of them seem to bother him at all!
I always loved this "Hunk" romper. It looked lovely with his blue eyes too. He fell asleep in the pool but was ready to play outside!
Miss Boo named these dinosaurs Dwila and Lily. Lily/Lillia seems to be a favorite name of hers these days. I think Kels always liked that one too.
Carterman likes to just chill. Too much sun seems to get to him. He's his Father's son totally - Kyle can't handle heat. I love it!
Teague was sure that Laney wanted to talk to someone on the phone. He kept holding it up to her face and saying "Hi?". He loves his pup-pup as he calls her.
Ave and Teague had a good time playing with her castle the other day. Jordan and Ave had every princess/prince/witch/horse...etc set up in there earlier. It was a crowded place!
Happy Father's Day! I love this picture. All 3 smiling with their Daddy! Kyle had a good day: donuts, presents, gym, Thai Peanut chicken, and Madagascar 3 at the drive in (okay, that wasn't for him).

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