Monday, March 4, 2013

Many stolen pictures

Many people have probably already seen these on Kelsie's blog, but for those who haven't...I had to steal them. Lincoln and his parents, so cute.
This was after he got snipped and swaddled. Doesn't he look so comfy?
This picture reminds me so much of my Carterman. I'm sure most babies have a nice round face, dark hair, and little chin. I don't know, but I swear I have a picture that looks a lot like this. I'm just happy for them and happy to be an Auntie again.
While Ave, Teague, and I went to the girls playoff game (which they won, yay!), Daddy and Carter were bingo-ing it up at Emerson. I'm sure that's a word right?
Erica and Landon were right across the table from them. No one won, but they had fun. Thanks Erica, I stole these pictures from her. They were just cute pictures!
Now for the few pictures I took this week. Auntie Terri bought the kids lots of fun art supplies the other day. Thank goodness for washable paint with this super artistic two year old!
Carterman loves to snuggle with his puppy. He's still pretty cute with her. He really did fall asleep like this. I had to carry him to his room, and he's getting heavy!
Teague insisted that I put this old backpack of Abbey's on him. It was perhaps just a little long...
Doing some naked computer work. I sincerely hope only 2 year olds do this.
We were in the mood for some Rockband the other day, and Kyle found Lady Gaga sounds to download. Ave loves Bad Romance because she saw Abbey and Jordan dance to it many times last year. They had fun singing, and Erica was killing on the drums.
Monday morning hair on the Carterman. I had to spray a lot of water to get this to lay down!
Two "fishies" as they say, swimming opposite ways. They have a good time together in the tub.
I asked for a big Carter smile (like I said, a slow week for pictures). I suppose technically this is a Big Carter Smile!
Daddy and Carterman, his mini-me.
Ave is such a pretty girl.
Lastly, a blurry picture of my wonderful Grandma Vivian with me and baby Carter. She passed away at the age of 94. She was the best. I'll always remember her waiting for us after school with a snack (Ritz crackers and cream cheese or cottage cheese and pineapple were favorites), being a master gardener, teaching me how to make Spritz cookies, and always having coloring books at her house after we went to the movies. She was sweet and nice and the best - I can't put it in to words. I'll miss her terribly.

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