Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bonus - videos!

Here is a lovely video of my boy singing his ABCs. What a smart guy! He's getting some extra brain power from the Danimal Smoothie that is all over his face I'm sure.

Ave and Teague love this book. Teague and I usually have to read Brown Bear Brown Bear, Panda Bear Panda Bear, Polar Bear Bear, and then this Eric Carle book. It's all about how animals move. I'm so glad they love books. They just came back from Hastings with 5 new ones!

Lastly, my brother watched the kids one night while I ran to Quiznos. To entertain Teague, he played Thunderstruck by ACDC on YouTube. Now Teague is obsessed with that song. One day, he and Ave were singing songs in my car. They did Tiny Turtle, Peanut Sat on a Railroad Track, Slippery Fish, and then a little voice said "Thunder AAAaaaAAAaaa!" and "No help, no help from you". He also does a cute "Yeah, it's alright. We doin fine" which of course he wouldn't do in this video. He's got some moves though. He's rockin that pink princess guitar!

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