Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunshine, Sickness, and Easter

It was absolutely beautiful here this week! I'm sure it will still snow again, but we enjoyed ourselves this week. We bought new chalk so Ave could draw some fabulous Easter Eggs.
Poppa was teaching Carter how to T-throw. He and Landon were pitching and hitting outside. They are both pretty good! Lando pays a lot more attention than Carter, but that's typical!
We played some hopscotch too. I was going to take a picture of them on their favorite number, but only Carter sat still. He liked 20 since it was the biggest!
Carter made a super cute Easter book at school. He read it to a captive audience that night.
Time to get out the bikes. These two are so much faster than last year. I bet Landon has his training wheels off soon.
We went for a walk and fed the ducks on the trail. I love this picture, these two are so cute.
Teague is going to be a booger this summer. He thinks he's big, he doesn't need help, and he's too cute to say no to!
She's a little speed demon.
We're going to have a lot of bike pictures in the future, I can tell.
Teague was "helping" Poppa in the kitchen. Luckily Jordan managed to distract him for a moment. They both look good in this one!
He was trying to get his eggs ready for his Easter Egg/Extra Credit Hunt. Teague just wanted to sit on him and steal all the chocolate.
He likes to mix his superheroes, I'm not sure what to name this combination of Spiderman, Buzz Lightyear, and Thor!
He carries around this toy pitchfork and calls it a carousel fork. I don't know how his little mind works, but he sure is funny.
Ave made a quick stop by daycare for her Easter Egg Hunt, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Carter and Landon got to watch since it is Spring Break for them. Teague just laid on me and was quite somber. The poor kid was on his way to really not feeling good.
Time to dye some Easter Eggs. I'm not sure what this pose is, but we all had fun as usual. They get more creative every year. 
Ave drew a face on this one herself with the help of Grandma and her scrapbooking markers. She and Grandma were the last ones at the table. They are perfectionists.
Me and my Teagie Pie. He had a fever. He still wanted to help of course, but he just wasn't himself.
Easter day! The kids got capes with their initial on them and a superhero emblem. Also, we skipped a day where a lot of stuff happened. The kids went to the doctor and had: Carter - double ear infection, Ave - ear and sinus infection, and Teague - ear and sinus infection. Then Teague decided to get croup again. He and Ave ended up staying with me while Kyle and Carter made a trip to Cody, Wyoming. Sadly, Kyle's Grandpa Barsness passed away earlier this week. I felt terrible about not going, but Teague was too miserable. We will visit this summer Clarabelle. Hope you are doing okay.
Uncle Kyle photobombed this one!
This is out of order. This is their spread at home. The Easter Bunny is good to them, then Grandma and Grandpa Burgman spoil them even more!
I love this picture. I wanted one happy boy picture so Auntie Erica was about to tickle him. It's just one of those accidentally perfect ones!
These two were buddies the last couple days. We had an Egg Hunt almost every day, they are excellent seekers.
He really enjoyed his bubble wand. He used it more as a sword and splashed Nancy and Frank a lot, but he had fun. He also took two naps. Poor guy is not quite back yet. I do have to tell you some of his ramblings from when he was up at 3 o'clock in the morning the last two nights. Here are some gems: "You like dog poop? I like dog poop." "I'm going to put Numma, Poppa, Auntie Terri, and Uncle Kyle on a bookshelf so they can READ!" "You like Hagrid? He has black pants. Harry Potter has brown pants." "I dug a mountain." "I steal all your triangles. I'm the SHAPE BANDIT! (Thanks Team Umizumi on Nick Jr.). He's insane!
This girl is a monkey. She is always in the tree now. Luckily she is pretty coordinated.
Abb and Jord always look good. They are about 100% more fashionable than me.
Poppa the troublemaker (of course) got the squirtguns out. He also wore a sweater vest to match Landon and Teague.
She decided to wear her chicken Easter basket on her head. She has been in a great mood (knock on wood) and super sweet to her baby brother.
It had to be 60 degrees outside today! They even ate lunch outside.
Liam and Jamie stopped by too. He is so cute. He had a ton of fun outside, but was a bit wary of me trying to get a picture of him!
I missed this boy! I heard he was great down in Wyoming, and I'm proud of him for not wanting his Dad to go by himself. I hope he stays lovey for a long time. Happy Easter everyone! 

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