Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pretty quiet stuff

We had a pretty quiet week, but that was kind of nice. Mom's coworkers got her a delicious turtle cake from the Uptown Cafe for her birthday. Teague had a delightful time destroying it!
Carter looked totally cool in these headphones. I think he was trying to plug them into a tape measure, but whatever!
Carter had his first teeth cleaning last Tuesday. He's had the dentist look at his teeth many times, but this was the first cleaning. He did great. No cavities! He also made it back to school just in time for recess - how perfect!
Ave just had a quick exam and tooth counting. She told me she felt like she was on a beach in these glasses. She was a very good girl, not so shy thank goodness!
Avery decided to race around the house. She picked this outfit out just for the occasion. She generally changes about 4 times a day on the days she doesn't go to preschool. This one is quite a look!
We had some cold playing time outside. Kids don't seem to feel it the way adults do - they would stay out all day if they could. Teague did happily let Poppa make him some hot cocoa.
Ave and Carter took a long walk with me, from Auntie Erica's house all the way to Poppa's. I was impressed. It was quite a walk. When we got back, I wanted a picture of their rosy cheeks...instead I got this!
And one smiling one! I do have to share a few Averyisms from the walk. She kept picking up rocks while we were walking, and I asked her "Why?". She told me she was going to make jewelry, and I just shook my head. Then she said, "I can't help it Mom, 60% cash back". What? I just laugh at her. She also told me as we were walking through some weeds, "Mom, I watched a show about weeds. It has about a 60% survival.". I'm not sure where the 60% stuff came from! Carter just talks non-stop about the Marvel SuperHero Squad.
Terri bid on some dance clothes at the Dynamic Dance brewfest, and she won! Unfortunately, the clothes were this size. Miss Boo was loving this green outfit.
She made a "model snowman" outside. It was awfully cute!
Oops. A little out of order here. She told me she dances better if her eyes are closed.
Jordan hung out with us on Sunday. She is the best helper. Here she is making sure Teague can see from under his zebra hat.
Action photo. Landon and Auntie had a long game of frisbee. Lando is very good at catching and throwing it.
I was chasing Carter around trying to get a picture of him. Finally! His hair was pretty awesome all day. He's not really a big fan of getting it brushed.
Lastly, a cool guy on his "motorcycle" with his "carousel fork". This is what he called these things. My kids have some good imaginations. That's for sure!

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